[solved] Creating/editing pedalboards on MOD Dwarf without webGUI

Hi everyone!
Sorry if the topics already exists, but I could not find an anwser.
I have the MOD Dwarf with firmware 1.13.
I’m wondering if there is a way to create or edit simple pedalboards from the device itself, without running the webGUI.
I think I read somewhere that is was possible, even saw a small extract of a video where someone is doing that, but did not manage to reproduce the steps.
(Perhaps it used to be possible and it’s not anymore ?)


I am not sure if that feature has materialized quite yet

You can edit parameters that are already addressed to the unit and save them as snapshot and pedalboard.
I think that create a new pedalboard from zero without the web interface is hard to imagine.
A valid alternative when you have not your PC could be to use a Bluetooth toggle and a smartphone.
I’m using a trust usb 5 (15€), with low price Xiaomi, is quite slow but for minor changes it is really useful.


Thanks a lot for your answers. I own a Bluetooth dongle too, it works but it’s a bit tiny and slow.
But, just for memory, have a look at that video : if you pay attention, the guy is creating a pedalboard from scratch on the device. The date is 2020.

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Also there is a comment of Mod audio (dated of 2020, march 9th) accompanying the video and saying
<< With the MOD Dwarf, you can create your patches on the fly.
Assemble patches from the device with only a couple of clicks and turns. You can edit and navigate smoothly using the three system-dedicated push buttons along with the shift button. Building patches has never been this easy!>>

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Hey you are right… I never saw this.
Actually I bought the dwarf for avoid this kind of complex setting on knobs and little screen, so I didn’t investigate very much in that direction. Maybe I just lost this feature.

I remember this being discussed or referenced. I think the feature was deferred or dropped, and to me the video looks more like a trivial proof-of-concept.

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I have passive-aggressively mentioned in several different threads that this was originally supposed to be something that would be available on the Dwarf (and was indeed a selling point) but no one from MOD has picked up enough on the hints to chime in. It would really be great if that old promise wasn’t vaporware.

It was never communicated as a “supposed to be available”, but as a “we want this feature but it needs significant development investment, which in due time will hopefully be available”.

That time is not there yet. The team is quite understaffed and underfunded. We can’t “demand” such features be implemented since there are literally not the resources to make it happen.

Not to say it wouldn’t be a nice feature, it sure would. But it requires significant time and resources to properly implement and test.


Yes, I absolutely understand the whole situation with Mod and their situation and limited time/resources and I’m personally OK not yet having the ability to edit/create patches standalone, but it’s unfair to tell people this was not ever communicated as something that was supposed to be available. It very much was, as skorqa showed in his posts. The Kickstarter highlighted this very prominently as a feature and even listed using the web GUI second like it was an additional option for editing patches, not the main one.

This also goes for the claim that the Dwarf works as an audio interface.

Again, I’m personally OK with my Dwarf not yet working as an audio interface and I’m not here to assail Mod Audio in their endeavors, but let’s be clear that these things were very explicitly highlighted as main features and never “possible” or “hopefully be available” features. But then again, everything in a Kickstarter is “hopeful,” isn’t it?


Just because a plethora of goals are set, doesn’t mean that all of those goals are immediately available.

The UX and implementation of such a feature would need a lot of iterations before being generally available. I never read this as “it will be done at the same time as the product is delivered”, but maybe I have a more realistic view on how such product development is done in real life? :thinking:

No, I’m definitely with you on realistic views of product development which is why I specifically said I’m OK with these features not being implemented yet. But these were more listed as features not particular goals and, in the case of the audio interface, it was plainly stated that the Dwarf “works” as an audio interface, not “will hopefully work” as an audio interface. So I think it’s fair for people to ask “hey, what’s up with these features” and expect an official response from Mod (which is what’s excellently being addressed by @falkTX in the audio interface thread right now).


Setting goals is one thing, but stating in your product page that features are available sets an explicit expectation. I don’t see you how you go from

Yes the MOD Dwarf works as an audio interface / But it also does much more than that


It’s not a deal-breaker for me, but it was definitely a factor in my consideration of backing the Kickstarter. I think I’ve been sympathetic and patient about MOD’s plight the last few years, but it is disappointing that at least a few features that were listed in the product page with language strongly implying that they were production ready are in fact vaporware.

I’d like to think I do too, but isn’t it problematic when the manufacturer doesn’t? Would it be OK for MOD to put together a big ad campaign today about how they have “industry leading, AI-powered tone capture technology”? Would you be comfortable if they listed that prominently on the product page right now?


Thanks a lot @dreamer for your precise answer ! I did not write the post to demand that feature, but only to know if it existed and if yes, how to access it. So, you answered clearly!
Sorry, by the way, I did not want to launch a polemic about it. Perhaps could I mark the question as resolved.


I do also hope we will see this feature at some point. Certainly for some quick pedal-chaining this would be great.
However I do understand the hurdles to properly implement something like this. The video posted likely gives a very skewed idea of the kind of work involved.

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@skorqa you can’t really replace plugins or change connections or start a pedalboard from scratch, but you do can edit it and save it from the device either as the same or as a new pedalboard.
This is done mostly in two levels:
either you can simply tweak the values of the plugins that you have assigned or switch them on/off and simply save the pedalboard with these new settings OR you can do all of that to create snapshots from the device, save those snapshots and then save the pedalboard.
This second part is important to note because snapshots live inside pedalboards, so when you create and save a new snapshot within the pedalboard, you must save the pedalboard as well afterward - arguably the optimal and less confusing way to work with snapshots, but it’s how it is currently implemented.

I’m aware that this is not exactly what you have in mind and the goal is to improve on that. But in practice, this is already creating and editing a pedalboard from the device.


Thanks ! This is crystal clear : we can tweak the values but not add, swap or remove plugins. This is already cool ! What I like with Mod, is that it remains opened to perhaps be implemented one day.

Anyway, besides the resources/time necessary and the possible technical difficulties, the dwarf interface (screen, buttons) would probably lead to restrict this hypothetical feature to very basic pedalboards (eg 3 effects linearly patched, with bypass and main values pre-assigned to particular footswitches/knobs/pages).