Solutions to use the Dwarf in a multichannel configuration

Hi there !

First, let me say that it is a real pleasure to see product such as the Dwarf and all the Mod catalog ! Also, I was very unsure of the category to post to. So, hopefully, I’ll not be too wrong.

Ok so I have one project that will be touring with an immersive PA system (8 channels + 4 subs if I remember correctly). The whole idea is also for the musicians to provide a certain amount of ideas that will feed this immersive concept.

At this point, I have developped two little algorithms:

  • One rotary speaker thing, where I have defined three speaker that can rotate independently, so the effect has three output channels.
  • One delay/reverb thing, which is simply a 4x4 FDN which can output each channels, so its four more !

Both of this things can be easily (more or less :stuck_out_tongue: ) put inside the dwarf thanks to Faust and the Mod Cloud Builder.

Where things gets complicated is that the hardware I/O of the dwarf are only stereo. So what is possible to do with Jack and the Dwarf to solve this ?

I had two idea:

So, ideally, I’d like to keep the analog output as a “mixed down” version of all the multichannel stuff, and eight additional output for “discret” effects output, hopefully using an AoIP approach.

Note that I’ll be more than happy to have any input that may approach the problem from another point of view (like using a computer for the spatial stuff, or anything really).

Thanks !


I can’t answer for the way to extend the Dwarf, but it seams quite easy to do with the ModDesktop if you have a multichannel sound-card, no ?
But you’ll have to have a laptop…

For the Dwarf extensioning things @falkTX (or maybe @brummer or @dreamer) will have an understanding of the situation

Hi @Rom and thanks for your comment !

It’s one of the possible way, but I don’t have any multichannel audio interface with analog I/O at this point, so that would mean an additionnal purchase. If I could avoid this, that would be nice :wink:

Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum :slight_smile:

In some other threads I found info that adding support for external USB interfaces is technically possible but requires dev work. Just wanted to check if there is any update on this? Is it anywhere on the roadmap?

I love the Dwarf already but having 4 inputs and 4 outputs using external interface would be a dream come true and absolute game changer for my dawless setup.

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I find my Dwarf to have a more useful range of plugins for stringed instruments as well as a better foot-oriented interface for live use than my Beebo, BUT… the Beebo does have 4 in/4 out and some pre-existing quad-channel plugins. FWIW.

Actually, I had a beebo, but I had many many issue with it : stability, high CPU consumption because of the GUI, random reboot. The concept is nice, but for live, it’s not reliable. In this regards, the Dwarf is much better.

Anyway, I hope the idea of extending the Dwarf IO will get some attention in the futur !


Oh wow, this is the first I’m reading of stability issues with the beebo! I was considering it before I opted for the mod platform.