Soft cover or decksaver-like cover

Hi, does anyone know about a cover (soft or hard) for the DUO and DUO X?

I have them on the studio and I don’t send them to their cases every day, so they get dusty. But I don’t want to be removing jacks, midi, etc so I think the best would be something “decksaver-like” or at least something made of soft vinyl… Any ideas? Somebody has done something like that?

Maybe I’m too “geeky”, but I love my MODs and I don’t want them dirty (and here in Spain dust is amazing).


Hi @danielrm, I’m really happy to understand how much you love and care about your MOD devices.

Unfortunately there’s not yet any “protective/dust free” cover officially available. Anyway, I can feel your pain :slight_smile:

I can tell you that now it is not a priority with the Dwarf and platform improvements on the pipeline. Yet…who knows in the near future there will be some resources allocated to that.

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You might want to try these guys:
They seem to make covers for practically everything and probably have something in their range that works.

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I have a cover from Viktory and they are quite good, I made a custom one for the iCON Platform M+ and it’s fine… They are not the prettiest thing but they definitely do the job.

At least for the DuoX, which is purely intended to be a “desktop always” tool, something official would be cool…

Hearing you loud and clear. As Jon said, the focus now is on optimising our existing products, manufacturing and platform. I’ve already put some groundwork into design for some accessories. I will add this to my list to investigate. It should be pretty easy to implement when we have some time if we choose to make something like this available. I personally agree it would be nice to have something like decksavers. Curious what you’re referring to when you say soft cover?

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I mean something like Viktory covers, made from soft polyester, not a hard shell cover like DeckSaver (which I prefer). Sorry about my english, I’m from Spain and maybe some things get “lost in translation” :wink:

Anyway, this is something strictly “cosmetical”, by far I think you need to focus on the Dwarf and the optimization in SW of current products, specially (in my opinion), the WIFI connectivity and the additional I/O for the Duo-DuoX (it’s a crap to make synths or drum bases on the Mod and then sending them to Ableton in the same channels of the effected instruments).

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