So...what’s up with synths and samplers? and MPE?


Is anyone using their mod duo primarily as a synth module and/or sampler? What are you using/where can I hear it in action?

I’m especially interested in MPE-capable synths and samplers.

I’m wondering what’s happening with Mod Duo and lv2 plug-ins for keys. I see listed electric piano, Hammond organ, fm, and virtual analog, and the GM piano sound. But have seen very few demos. And I don’t see much in the way of samplers that can load sample libraries. On looking at the VA I see there is no way to route after touch or mod wheel controls, so it would not be an ideal MPE host.

I’d love to use the Mod as a laptop replacement but right now it appears we are a few years away in terms of software development…

Thanks for any leads you might have.


There are some lv2 plugins already that can do this sort of thing but there are some critical parts that need to be implemented on the mod still to support this (mostly details on how the plugin knows which file to load). I’m not sure though that these would make the mod an exact mpe replacement (because I’m unfamiliar with mpe).

Those are just midi signals, I think they can just be learned like any midi cc but I can’t check that right now.