Snapshots via external controller

Hi to everyone. As I can read, I’m not shure if I can asign snapshots changes to an external midi footswitch like my chocolate. I have the Mod Duo and I know it can do it with the 2 integrated footswitches, but I cannot see any info about asign snapshot changes with an external footswitch.
I need to know how to do it with my n-vave chocolate device.
If this is imposible to do, can somebody tell me how to asign more than one on/off fx to one single foot button? I just achieve turn on/off one pedal. If I cannot change snapshots, I need turn on/off more than one pedal in one foot button.
Thanks a lot.

You need to send a MIDI Program Change message, this page describes what to send
The MIDI channel that the MOD device listens to for these messages can be set in the settings menu
I believe there is a mode on the M-VAVE where you can set a footswitch to send one message on a short press and a different one for a long press, but I’m afraid I’m not sure how to configure this, if it can send PC messages in this mode or if the MIDI channel can be configured.
S’manth x


Hi Alex,
I already gave you this info in the other topic :

As @SamIAm says, you also have to configure the Chocolate to send PC messages. In order for us to troubleshoot, you should tell us the steps you did.

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Yes, as @SamIAm said.
I was asign the duo buttons to pedalboard changes and chocolate for snapshots, but. Some rare happens when I want create a new snapshot. When I save the new snapshot and save it, I want to get back to the other two and the snapshot looks always the last one saved. The chocolate changes the snapshots, the name of the snapshot change too, but the sound and editor screen dont.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. Maybe you could make a video of the problem.

Today I can change snapshots with the chocolate, but I lost the pedalboard changes with the duo footswitches.
I’m not shure if I can change an amp or pedal for another. I know I can change parameters of the same pedalboard. If I delete some of the pedals of the pedalboard for another… It doesn’t consider as a snapshot? Too much tech words for my limited english. Sorry.

Check the settings :

I haven’t tried but I guess it doesn’t work. The interest of snapshots is that they load way faster than pedalboards because they don’t have to load plugins. They just change parameters.

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Ok. I will check today the pedalboard changes. Thanks a lot for the help.