Snapshots and plugin preset - call via midi CC?


I’m looking for a way to call a plugin preset or a snapshot via a simple midi Control Change. How could I do this ?



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Could be a bit annoying but you could technically add a bunch of mindis, map the on/off to a CC and route it out of the unit and back in to the unit. That may be a bit overenginered but I dont know if theres another sollution.


For Snapshots you need Program Change messages, so you need to change it on the side of the controller.

Thanks, but I don’t find a way to call one precise snapshot with on precise CC (without using the complex Levia’s solution)

You need to use Program Change messages and not Control Change messages for the snapshots.

Oh sorry ! (thanks the repeat Jon !)

Where could I assign one particular snapshot to a Program change ?

You assign under MIDI submenu in the Device settings (check here).
Then your order of snapshots will define the Program Change number used to load that specific snapshot.


I’m also trying to change snapshot via midi PC from an external unit over midi DIN and it’s definitely setup on the right channel for snapshot nav midi chan but the snapshot isn’t changing on my DUO X. If I assign the snapshot to a button on the device it works no problem but I want to change it via midi. I’ve tested the midi cable and tried another also but it’s still not responding to it. Anything else I can try or am I misunderstanding how the snapshots are changed?

What do you mean with this? Maybe you are mixing snapshots with normal assignments.

Hi Jon,

It’s not that I’m mixing them, I understand the difference between them. It’s more that I was checking to see if any functionality was working with regards to changing the snapshots, when testing the assignment options.

As I understand it, you are setting the midi channel on the Duo X in the Settings > System > Sync and MIDI > Snapshot Nav MIDI Chan (e.g. Channel 10)

On external device send midi PC (0, 1, 2 etc) on Channel 10.

No changes are happening on on the Duo X.

Hope that is clearer from my side.

Hello Steve
I think you got it right, it works here on the Dwarf (if the pedalboard I use has snapshots saved of course).

Can you test the midi send by the external device to be sure it send a PC signal on the right canal ?

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Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Thank you @Rom for the help.

This is exactly the way that I would go now.


Figured out the issue. It will not change via midi whilst connected to the browser interface, only when disconnected does it work.

@Rom Can I request you to test/confirm this behaviour on your Dwarf please?

@jon Is this expected behaviour? It’s a bit of a speed bump in workflow if so.



Oh yeah! Kind of I was assuming that you knew that and forgot to mention it.

Yes, it is.

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Mmmh… no, with the Dwarf I can’t change pedalboard when I’m logged on the web interface, but I can change snapshot without problem !

By the way, is it possible to have a pop-up message (on the top right, like the other messages) that would warn that “the pedalboard change via an external controller has been heard but cannot be done while you are connected to the webUI”?
That would also save me some time too !


That’s strange. So you can change snapshot but not pedalboard whilst connected to browser but I can do neither.

Are you on latest firmware?

Edit: I am experiencing the correct/same behaviour now - Snapshot change whilst connected to browser but no pedalboard change. Must have just needed a reboot! (either the Duo X or the computer.)


This is actually a fair and useful request. I will map it out. Thanks.