Snapshots and buffers

So, as you may know, when working with buffers, such as loopers or the data object in Gen, loading a snapshot (on the Dwarf) deletes the contents of the loop.

I have been looking for a way to do this for ages so was pretty happy to find come across this method.

However, I would like to do this without loading a preset, i.e. keep all the parameters on my board the same but still empty the content of the buffer.

Is there a way to do this?

In Pd/Heavy you can literally send a [clear( message into a [delwrite~] object to clear the delay buffer.

Does Max/gen~ not have such an option?

You can send a ‘reset’ message to a gen~ object in max, but you can’t send messages in the Mod environment (AFIK)…

You’ll have to attach a plugin parameter that triggers this of course.

Sorry I don’t know enough about Max/gen~ to explain how this would be done.

No worries, I don’t think it can actually be done in a straight forward manner like that, the ‘data’ object doesn’t have a parameter that clears the buffer, frustratingly.

The solution is to over-write the buffer content with silence, which I haven’t been able to do successfully, yet! The patch I use uses an array of 64 buffers, my coding skill isn’t advanced enough to clear them all at once, I tried I for loop to address each one but when I trigger the loop it crashes the pedal.

Was hoping for a ‘hack’ using snapshots.

Maybe I could save a snapshot of an empty pedal board before building my performance board…

I am not into Max/gen~ maybe a midi cc could be used to trigger the reset function?