Snapshot bypass / independent

Hi everybody!

In my virtual pedalboard I have an eq (RKR Parametric Eq) that I use only if I change guitar. I would like to turn it on and make it stay on even if I change the various snapshots. Then, when I return to my main guitar, I would turn it off like it doesn’t belong to the snapshots.

There’s a way to make the pedal behave independent from the snapshots?

Thank you!


I was asking this feature 2 years ago.
A kind effect lock would be great.
I don’t use snapshot anymore because it’s missing this feature.


This is an area where MOD could take inspiration from Headrush IMO. When you create a snapshot (Scene), you can edit how each plugin behaves when it is activated, choosing between on, off, or no change: Example


absolutly. I have the small mx5 and its really easy and fast to work with. Especially in a band and live context.
If you’re at it please take a look at the footswitch mode of the headrush. You have two snapshots for every footswitch. I think this has been ask a few times on the forum but a live mode for the dwarf would make it even more useful. Pin all three footswitches to snapshots 1-3. And the second function to snapshots 4-6. This would even eliminate the need for a separate pedal.


Ok, so for now I’ll copy the pedalboard, add the eq always on in every snapshot and use this when I change guitar.

Let’s hope that this feature will be added to the Dwarf. I’ve seen that it’s also present in the line6 hx stomp.