Snapshot and Pedalboard navigation via MIDI not working when connected to web interface (Updated)


Snapshot navigation via MIDI does not work when the web interface is open.

How to reproduce

  1. In the system settings, enable Snapshot MIDI navigation by selecting a channel
  2. On a pedalboard with existing snapshots, PC messages will change the current snapshot
  3. Open web interface while connected to this pedalboard
  4. PC messages to change snapshot have no effect
  5. Close web interface, snapshot nav works again via MIDI

Expected/suggested solution

Snapshot navigation should work the same regardless of whether the web interface is open.

Additional information

With the web interface open, snapshot navigation can be restored by going to settings, selecting a different channel for snapshot navigation and then setting it back to the desired channel. After this, snapshot navigation works while the web interface is open.

  • release: 1.9
  • controller: n/a

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: MacOS Catalina 10.15.4
  • Browser: Firefox 76.0

This is also the case with pedalboard navigation via MIDI. I’m able to change pedalboards with PC messages :heart_eyes: but when I connect to the web interface it stops working. Unlike with the snapshot navigation which can be restored by toggling the settings, this did not seem to work with the pedalboard nav. I’m really excited about the ability to switch pedalboards and snapshots remotely and would like if it worked seamlessly whether connected to the web or not.

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The not being able to change snapshots while web UI is open is for sure a bug.
It works after changing the channel, which it is because it is supposed to be allowed.
We will try to fix this for a v1.9.1 release.

Changing pedalboards with PC messages (while web-ui is open) is still forbidden at this point.
This is mostly to prevent issues, as we then have too many sources of an action. (you could be editing stuff in the web gui while the pedalboard changes, leading to all sort of issues we are not prepared for).
We could make it work in the future, but at the moment it is just not something we can safely allow to happen.

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Whoa! Wait! What??? My plan was to use the Dwarf with a MeloAudio Midi Commander (seems like a great pairing), and in my home studio have the iPad connected. So am I reading correctly that I won’t be able to switch patches/pedalboards with the Midi controller, and get beautiful visual feedback from the iPad? Please tell me I’m reading that incorrectly. If true, seems like a huge oversight… Hold on, will I be able to use the Dwarf foot switches to change patches though, even with the iPad connected?

Trying to summarize:

Snapshot switching via MIDI works now. Due what Felipe confirms is a bug, it is not currently working when the web interface is connected but the team is now aware and will try to fix this in the next or a future release. (I believe you are referring to Duo “snapshots” when you say “patches” (and snapshots were previously known as “presets”)). Assuming that’s the case, you should be able to use snapshot navigation with your devices however you have it setup.

Pedalboard switching via MIDI works now but it does not function while the web interface is connected.
According to Felipe above, the software isn’t designed for handling a switch cleanly in this scenario at this time.

So, the main glitch in your described setup would be that you won’t be able to trigger a pedalboard change from the Melo or iPad if the iPad is also connected to the Duo’s web interface. Changing between snapshots on the current pedalboard will work.

You can switch pedalboard snapshots with a MIDI device, plus pretty much any plugin parameter and a couple other things.
Loading new pedalboards is reserved to web-ui if that is open, otherwise can be done with MIDI or the device itself.

So not even with the built in foot switches? Hmmmmm, interesting. Not what I had expected at all.

So, if it’s because of potential issues while making changes, any chance of implementing some kind of “read only” mode? Where the foot switches and midi would then work. Maybe a performance mode vs an editing mode?

I’m just a semi-knowledgeable community member, I hope I can help. If you can share more about your goals or concerns there might be happy mediums available. And whether or not the outcome seems agreeable for your needs, it might be helpful to understand (or be reminded of) the philosophies that were behind the conception of the Duo. One of the ideas for the Duo which is still present in the copy in the product page today is “without a computer”. Which obviously isn’t taken to mean never using a computer, but more like you spend a small portion of your time in this constructive / editing mode and the rest of your time you are applying the tools you’ve made for creative outcomes.

An analogy might be to auto racing. You spend some time in the garage modifying and tuning the car and its systems. Then you take your car out for practice and tests but you shouldn’t need to bring along the whole garage and all your tools. You might bring along a few tools for some potential adjustments but you mostly need to spend some time getting comfortable with this machine you’ve created and how it performs. You make a few a notes for when you’re back in the garage.

Though the Duo and its siblings are all-around capable devices for all kinds of sonic styles and instruments, the product was designed primarily with guitar players in mind and as a replacement for floor pedalboards. It’s unlikely they were imagining guitar players staring at video screens in front of them :stuck_out_tongue:

With the processing power of the Dwarf you should be able to pack quite a bit into a single pedalboard. On my Duo I’m able to (with careful plugin choices) run a pedalboard with:

  • a guitar channel with amp and cab, an effect or few
  • a vocal channel with some filtering / effects, possibly including harmonizer
  • MIDI instrument (synth/piano/percussion)

With the expected much more powerful processor on the Dwarf, you should have some leeway for assembling several or more different non-trivial signal chains and switching between them with snapshots.

Note that this kinda like work in progress.
The Dwarf is not out yet, and even after it is, there will be more updates done to it to make it an even better product.

If you have a look at, you will see how far we have come since the very first Duo release. (You can consider the 1.0.0 as the first real ready Duo release)
There used to be the situation of users not being able to change parameters in the web-ui if they were addressed in the device or with MIDI. We lifted this restriction somewhat recently (which required quite a lot of careful work from our side to adjust for it).
File handling is something that is coming soon as well, which we plan to have ready by the time Dwarf releases.

So we are listening, and implement features as requested by users (to our capability).

First, I’m still absolutely excited to (hopefully) get my hands on a Dwarf around Christmas! The use of a web interface is outstanding, and something I don’t understand why other companies do not use. I’m in the IT field, and use web interfaces all the time for network devices, printers, etc. And I do understand things can change between now and the release of the Dwarf. Please keep up the good work. I decided to support the campaign not only because was I excited about this device, but I could see how dedicated the Mod Device team is.

I was just a bit surprised this functionality wasn’t already available in the device. A good portion of the “mainstream” modelers do this, although most use dedicated editing software. And a lot do not have iOS apps available. Another reason why the Dwarf caught my attention, since ANY device can basically be used to edit via the web. It is not at all inconceivable that a guitar player would now have an portable device clipped to mic or music stand. And at a jam or rehearsal session, tweaking on the fly is usually always required (at least by me). The Dwarf screen is not huge by any means, and will not be able to relay a lot of information (as compared to a Helix or Headrush, for example). Having to reconnect the UI every time one needs to change the pedalboard (aside from those items assigned to foot switches or knobs), then disconnect every time to use the foot switches or knobs again, does seem a bit counterproductive in my mind. But again, I do understand this can change, and do appreciate everything that has been added and tweaked since the initial release of the Duo.

I also realize this is not a “mainstream” device (sorry if that sounds wrong). The number of users of a Mod Device will not be as vast as those who use Zoom, Line 6, Boss, etc. So it is quite possible that I may be the only person who thinks this functionality is even be required :laughing:. And I guess I shouldn’t say “required”, but more so something can can be more easily achieved due to the nature of editing on this device itself. And if that can make using the device a little more easy, or even a bit more fun, then why not? Nothing wrong with giving the user that option, when it appears to be something that is right there within reach.

Also, this is an open forum. I do absolutely appreciate that I can come on here and have a discussion about such items, and hear back from those far more knowledgeable than I. I do hope that the Mod team can appreciate hearing other people’s opinions, even if they don’t necessarily agree with them :crazy_face:. You did say you are listening and implementing features as requested by users. THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!

Wow, that was too much to type. Back to my coffee.

Keep up the good work.