Smoothing mode for audio switches

i would like to request a smoothing mode for the various switch audio plugins.

when i use them in any situation which might see a sustained audio signal while switching (which is most of my use cases!), there is a noticeable click when the switch is engaged or disengaged. because of this, i usually replace these with a volume plugin driven by a “control to CV” plugin - the “smoothing” function of the CV plugin is enough to remove any clicking. unfortunately, it’s a bit cumbersome and uses more CPU resources than necessary.

the smoothing function could be switchable (like in the “control to CV” plugin), so we could eliminate that tiny bit of computing overhead if it’s not needed.

i think the targets for this refinement would be:

the four Switchbox plugins, SwitchTrigger4, and ToggleSwitch4

You should try my small utility plugins (in the Beta store) Toggle_2IN or Ztoggle4, both have a smooth envelope implemented to avoid clicks.


awesome, @zwabo … i’ve been meaning to try those out, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

…a little later… ok, my current board is now littered with Toggle_2IN plugins… definitely less CPU usage than the combination of CV and Volume plugins that they’ve replaced!

i’d suggest changing your descriptions to highlight the smooth envelope… that might make folks more likely to see their value.

i’ll report back if anything blows up! :wink:

can you make a version which replicates the SwitchTrigger4 function? …i know, you can do that with four Toggle_2IN plugins, but still…

thanks so much for your work!! :pray: :clap: :partying_face: …and let’s get these out of Beta!!..

p.s. Mirrorz is in all my poards now! :wink: