Slow gear plugin


Are there any “slow-gear” effects available in the lib?

this slow gear?

No. But I’ll add it to my todo list. I’d like something like that myself. JSYK though the todo list is incredibly long so I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. Not enough hours in a day :\ Somebody else might make one before I get to it though.

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Yes, I’ve made one.

I’ve never before heard of a Slow Gear Pedal, and found it really interesting.
It makes your guitar sound like a synth. Makes MDA Piano sound like a flute.
Really funny.


You’re fast man!
I just forked the repo under moddevices, will give it the same treatment as on switchlesswah soon.

Nice, . . , you are fast as well.

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you guys are all so fast. More like a fast gear plugin :wink:

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slowgear is in the store now!
thanks to the guitarix team for keeping making new great plugins. rock on! :smiling_imp:

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