Simple LV2 pan/balance plugin?

Hi, playing with the MOD received a month ago is a pleasure, and i’m starting to build useful pedalboards for guitar.
In the process, i’m missing a simple “mono signal to stereo signal plugin with a balance control.”

I’m not ready yet to go into the process of installing the toolchain to port an existing plugin, so 'im asking here if you plan of releasing such a plugin, or if someone could do it ?
I found this plugin which can do the job perfectly :

BTW, i haven’t found any suitable plugin in the existing list, and was only able to do what I need duplicating the signal and using 4xGain plugins to make the stereo balance outputs.

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Yup, I’d like this too - I’ve managed to get the Wider plugin to feed a sidechain via CC control, but a proper pan, with the two extremes as up/down on my CC pedal would be wonderful.

That and adding MIDI learn to the Switchbox :wink:

there is the x42 x-fader

thanks, I will try this one and let you know

x-fade can indeed be abused as stereo balance control.

  • Use the first input as left and the last (4th) input as right.
  • Set the “Signal A/B” control to “0” (top middle), “Shape” to max (equal power) and select “V-fade mode” – see

But yes would be a more appropriate tool, there’s no MOD GUI for it, yet though.


ok the first try led to a usable result, but the balance is not working exactly a “Pan” for each incoming signal. I can mostly balance the volume of each input which is either hard panned left/right when using 1st and 4th inputs, or on both sides when feeding 1st/2nd input and 3rd/4th input with the two signals.

I’ll publish my pedalboard so you can have a try and hopefully better understand my description

Still, a kind a “4 channel Mixer with pan” would be the best option for what I want to achieve.

Yeah the cross-fade plugin is not a panner – nor actually a balance, though it can be be used as such.

Are you expecting a stereo panner with width control? Correlated signals are usually balanced. A bit of background information: and

While one could build it simply using a couple of “gain” plugins, a small dedicated mixer would indeed be nice to have on the MOD. When you say 4 channel mixer: do you mean 2 stereo pairs or 4 stereo pairs (8 total inputs)?

here’s the pedalboard using the x42 :

indeed for the first try I used 4 gain plugins, worked perfectly as expected, but when adjusting moving 4 knobs is really not user friendly.

Reffering to the linked information, I’m more interested in a “Balance” control but with a MONO input signal and a STEREO output signal (the mono input si duplicated to both output channel, and then the balance is applied)

Would the CAPS Wider do the job?

Thanks gianfranco this is the one !!!
The pan pot works as expected aswell as the stereo conversion. Perfect !

I wanted to update the pedalboard but the share function does not seem to offer this option. Maybe for a new feature.

Thanks again for your help everybody

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