Signal Chain Snippets/Being able to 'copy and paste' parts of pedalboards

I’m guessing that this has probably been asked a million times already, but I thought that being able to save Signal Chain snippets (with the parameters also saved) would be nice. It would work kind of like Code Snippets, except with Signal Chains.

Recently, I asked if it is possible to use mod duo x’s buttons as midi input for itself?, and Filipe’s answer was great. The only annoyance was that it had a lot of moving parts and whenever I want to implement it in a new pedal, I had to create the signal chain from scratch, which takes a while.

I don’t think this is a super important suggestion, just a Quality-of-Life one, and I’m sure you guys have much more pressing issues at hand anyways, but it could be nice at some point.


so like some kind of pedalboard blocks that can be reused across different pedalboards?
we have this on the roadmap for v1.12 :wink:


That’s awesome! Is there a public place to see what to look forward to in terms of roadmaps?