Signal Chain Mode

Imagine the following feature.

A special “Signal Chain Mode”.

In this mode, the signal chain is fixed with (i.e. overdrive, distorition, amp, delay, reverb, ir).

Instead of having to assemble a pedal board, you use the first rotary switch to select which part of the signal chain to edit, the second rotary switch to change what goes into that slot, and the third for the main parameter of that element.

i.e. use rotary switch to go to the reverb element, then use the second one to select the plate reverb and the third to set the decay.

The three buttons could be presets of some sort, and the 3 foot switches to turn on or off a part of the signal chain (i.e distortion, reverb…)

The idea is to be able to quickly change the sound, without having a million pedal boards, the editor could be used to drop the plugins wanted into the proper category, select a preset and map the main action as well as what the foot switches do.

I fully understand that switching “pedal” could take a delay as plugins are loaded. I find myself trying to have a mega pedal board with switches (i am then limited by cpu), and smaller pedal boards that are hard to maintain when i want to adjust the eq for a new guitar.

This could be seen as a linear pedal board mode where each position has different possibilitiess that can be changed at runtime…

I might be able to achieve this using the current pedal board system if i had a plugin that directed the signal, but could deactivate some plugins that are not on the signal path.

A few thoughts…


For some reason this reminded me that theoretically in some future update, we’re supposed to be able to build pedalboards on the Dwarf without the web interface. Would that achieve part of what you’re looking to do as far as simplicity of slotting things in?

And does anyone know if that feature is still on the roadmap?