Show pedal on/off status on Dwarf?

Hey all,
I have a load of effects in my Dwarf pedalboard that I switch on and off with both the Dwarf itself and also by pushing the buttons of my Morningstar MC6. I have seen that the on/off status of the effects shown on the screen is displayed through the LEDs and on screen, but what about the ones that are not shown on the Dwarf screen? Is there a way to access a type of “home screen” that shows the on/off status of all effects on the pedalboard?

Here is an example: I have a delay and a reverb pedal mapped to foot switch B & C on the Dwarf on page 1. Page 2 is for tremolo (FS B) and chorus (FS C) and page 3 is for Fractal Doubler (FS B) and a flanger (FS C). This chain runs into my HX Stomp in the left fx loop that I can switch on and off on the MC6.

I have a second chain that runs into my Stomp in the right fx loop that I can access via MC6 only - there I have a switch dedicated to a tube preamp and one for a ChowCentaur pedal.

So preamp and Centaur both do not show up on the Dwarf’s screen at all and I cannot see if they are each activated or not, unless I have my Macbook connected and look at the browser.

I’d love to see both chains on the Dwarf’s screen and the pedal on/off status. Maybe this is possible, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Has anyone encountered this and has maybe found a solution?

Thanks for your help, after one week with my Dwarf, I am loving it and the community :guitar:

Edit: To show you what I mean, here is a picture of my HX Stomp’s display showing the pedal chain. The pedals that are switched on are bright, the ones that are off are less bright. This is basically what I mean - is there a similar display mode in the Dwarf?

there have been a few threads over the years for addressing these issues in live mode.

But with no devs left it’ll likely never happen.


Thanks @spunktsch - I really searched through the threads and could not find this issue being addressed. As I am only a week into the MOD game, what do you mean by devs? Developers? I read about the struggles that were there about two years ago - is this still an issue? Sorry for my noob questions

yes, there’s only @gianfranco left to handle things. And he is not very active in the forum - or communicating in general.

So most stuff is now up to the community to fix or find workarounds. Which is slow or some issues regarding core stuff never happening.

As a general tip: I use the DWARF for experimenting and trying stuff. For live I only use our AIDA-X stuff an l treat it as an amp box. Everything else live is too much hit and miss.


Ah ok, thank you for the insight @spunktsch

It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the future. After a week with the Dwarf, I am really happy with what I have understood up to now and I am sure there are loads and loads of features I will discover to keep me busy in the next months, so overall I am and will remain happy with my choice.

I currently only play on my own or with friends - no band at the moment, so reliability is not really a concern, but I will keep what you said in mind in case things change. So thanks again :+1:t2:

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TBH my experience is the opposite… Neural and beta stuff are funny, but mod/guitarix/x42/rackarrack stuff is stable and reliable


I’ve no idea how you come to this conclusion. As far I know @falkTX is still on board, and, more over, becomes a partner now, instead being a “paid developer”. So, I see fast moving times coming for our devices. :roller_coaster: