Show current pedalboard and snapshot in the Duo display(s)

One of the biggest obstacles I’m facing now in using the Duo is finding out what pedalboard/snapshot I’m actually using, since the name of neither appears on the displays.

Most of the displays now are currently occupied by the value and graphical representation of the parameter currently assigned to the knob under the corresponding display. This is good when you’re editing the parameters, but of no use in live, standing situations where the only interaction with the device would be by using the pedla switches, and a clear view of pedalboard and snapshot name would be more important.

I wonder if a new “display mode” could be added, optionally actvable by the settings, where after a certain delay in seconds since you last rotation of the knobs, the parameter value and representation is substituted by pedalboard name in the left display and snapshot name in the right display.

i don’t think it would be too difficult to implement this.

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we just discussed this in the team this week.
for v1.10 we will try to redesign the default view of the device on the Duo to include this information


Fantastic! All my complaints are falling one by one.

Since you are already considering the question, let me drop some comments that might be useful.

In my use case (standing guitarist live on stage) the most important info you need on the display are pedalboard name and index, snapshot name and index, and the state of the parameters assigned to the switches. The current name and value of the parameter assigned to the knobs is secondary because you won’t usually be using it while standing and you only interact with your feet.

All the info should also be readable at more than 1 mt distance, so big fonts. I’m all in for having pedalboard and snapshot data shown also in the “default display”, of course, but I think it would be overcrowding the display, which is already, in my opinion, not well suited for the standing musician.

That’s why I was suggesting, if possible, some sort of “live mode display” where you see only the info you need big and clear, with the “default display” popping out when you kneel and push a knob for fine adjustments.


This is a great idea. I think it could work well if the two displays could be split into either 2 or 4 rows each, and then you could assign a parameter to any of those row slots via the MIDI mapping dialog. For example, I set a MIDI mapping to the on/off for a distortion plugin and in the extended options I can select to display status in “Left Display, Slot 1”. Then I would have a section in top of the left display with the plugin label and shaded light or dark depending on the state. Later, I map an expression pedal to a gain plugin and select to display it in “Right Display, Slot 2”. This bar shows as a progress-bar style indicator with a shaded portion indicating the current value within the parameter range.

This is interesting but needs a fair amount of work and design. Not that I would’t want something like that, but I’d be content with just the pedalboard/snapshot display in the short time.

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Just wanted to add an extra vote here. With the MIDI snapshot and pedalboard navigation working a feature like this offers a huge benefit. For my needs, being able to see or confirm at a glance which pedalboard and snapshot I’m on would be really helpful.

I also think something like this could work well. I agree that displaying the actuator values is rarely useful during live (guitar) playing. With this type of feature I could imagine extending it in the future to incorporate other useful realtime data like bars/beats indicators, level meter, or clock/timer

I agree that displaying the actuator values is rarely useful during live (guitar) playing.

Not only that. If a stage attendant or fellow band member ever has to move your device away for any reason, chances they move a knob around are pretty high.

Having all editing facilities hidden behind a “security layer” is a must in my opinion.