Shiroverb Mk2

Spending this evening swapping the Mk2 Shiroverb into all the boards where I was using the old one… It’s SOOOO good!! Such a rich sound and the feature upgrades are well worth the price of entry

Also bought the WOV which I’m having a lot of glitchy fun with!


I’ve used the Mk2 in a few recent performances (very small, modest stuff :)). With the CS-1 in front, I get some lovely atmospheric fills and shimmer that go well with a few slow, melancholy pieces I like to play.

I tried out the WOV and it’s also very interesting. For most of the presets, I wouldn’t have an immediate creative use in mind, but I plan to circle back some day and play around with a few that caught my attention.


I am totally missing something. When I go to the plug-in store, there is no way I can purchase Shiroverb II, and the link in the description of the plug-in for the home page goes to a spam site.

How do you even buy this one?

I was able to log - out and log back in, and then could purchase the plug-in.
Not sure why their link is a spam site though. . .


Thanks for reporting this.
What spam site are you taking about?

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This link may have been hacked, or at the server end has been hacked, as it does numerous redirects to get you a new spam site each time you click it.

This was probably an issue on the domain of the developer. We are already fixing it. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: