Sharing plugins manually from a device to another one without using the store

oooh! great!
thanks, @dreamer!


Ok here for the noobs on Mac

1 Open up Terminal to enable SFTP

Enter (for mod dwarf):
ssh root@
Enter Password:
mount -o remount,rw /
nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
Scroll down until you find this line and remove the #

Press controls + x to exit

2 Get an application like Cyberduck or FileZilla
create a new session and fill in like this:
Login is root,
password is mod,

Host name is the address you use to access mod device in browser, but without https:// prefix

Duo: modduo.local
Duo X: modduox.local
Dwarf: moddwarf.local

Hit Connect

3 Copy paste the plugins you want / need


Hi! I get an “Invite invalid” error when I follow the link. Any ideas why this happens?

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personally speaking, I dont like this at all.
there is already the forum to discuss things publicly. and MOD members here are active enough to reply back, as far as I have seen…

so in my opinion the unofficial needs to be in bold.
also, you won’t catch me in there.


Hello @plutek and everyone!

I’ve took some time and merged @rom’s shared .lv2 (dwarf) directory with mine and now I share the result with you guys.
At the moment I have 302 plugins installed on my Dwarf.
Here is the link for the zip file:
:warning:I didn’t test it, please make a backup of your device before testing this.


Thanks! It’s strange though that when I try to ‘claim an account’ I get a message that my email is already registered…

I really see the Discord forum just as a possible backup in case the regular Mod Forum gets shut down for a reason alor another. We would still need to be able to get in touch with each other if that ever happens (I really hope not). As long as the regular forum is open it should remain the main hub for mod users.


Considering how other web services gone down with no notice, having a failover communications point is a reasonable precaution. It is not a replacement or rival, it is a plan B, as it is hard to take forum existence for granted.


There is the official IRC channel, which is less likely to go down than a discord group.
(unless we see another “Freenode incident”, but those only happen once every 2 decades …)


Many thanks @rogeriocouto for the effort!


From one side, that’s good, I will take a notice. From another - I barely know a couple of people who still use IRC these days, even while most of my acquaintances are IT related. I am afraid IRC is now used only by archeotech enthusiasts, and while have I sympathize the nostalgia, it is unlikely to gather folks there in considerable numbers. Discord, on other hand, is used by a big amount of people for other things already and they will have no additional overhead to join.


For some of us it’s exactly the other way around. Also the Terms of Service of Discord are pretty bad. It’s no place to put official communications channels.

In a couple of years there will be a new thing “everybody uses” and you would have to sign up for that for exactly the same reasons. That’s no way to manage a community, migrating from one platform to the next every couple years.

Now imo it’s fine that people find places to gather outside of the official channels, but you can’t expect everyone to join those “just because”.




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Could you specify?

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There are a couple of discussions about the topic out there.

While discord “works” for those that want a simple quick thing and dont really care about privacy (tradeoff vs simplicity), there are still quite a number of developers not wanting to join out of principle (me included)


I never used Discord before, and wasn’t particularly interested in it. It just happen that we need a backup communication channel and someone proposed that one. Note that we also have the Facebook group. I’ve never used IRC (although I’ve been in CS and Linux dev for decades) so I’m pretty sure most of the user base here won’t ever get near it.
I’m open to any idea that offers easy access to people while respecting the principles of everyone.


Hi @falkTX
After reading those discussions I Totally understand you.
On the other hand I think it is healthy having an another (unofficial) means of communication that is not maintained by the company, be it on discord or elsewhere (not facebook guys, please!:roll_eyes:).
I used to participate on a unofficial BOSS GT forum that have produced a crazy amount of in depth useful information about the products. Although I’ve never seen any participation of BOSS in there, I am pretty sure that they were watching.
Also, different than what we have here, at that time BOSS users did not have any other (official) means of communication that I can remember.
MOD won me over with the DUO and I’m no longer a BOSS user. :wink:


I LOVE my Duo


Thank you so @rogeriocouto for doing this!