SF2 files management

Hello there!
Does anyone know how to select multiple files to delete in SF2 instruments folder?

I want to clean the folder and reload some new stuff. But the problem is that there are around 1000 SF2 files and I didn’t figure out how to select and delete all of them…it will take ages to delete them one by one. Is it possible to delete all of them at once?

I think your best bet is to connect to the dwarf via ssh described here:

I’ll have to check what folder specifically but its easy to find.

You don’t have to use the command line tools if you more comfortable with a GUI there is WinSCP for windows. Shure something similar exist for MAC and Linux. Most likely its builtin already.


No native SSH app for Mac, sadly. :frowning:

One has to either use Terminal (a command-line screen) or 3rd party apps. There’s PuTTy for Mac (requires Xcode) and another app is Termius. Both free.

(Disclaimer: I do not endorse either option.)

Unfortunately I’m not quite into this stuff and I don’t want to mess around with command-line apps. I will organize the new stuff ready to upload in separate folders to easily manage later on and delete the old files one by one in time… Too bad though there’s no other way to access and manage those folders more properly.

WinSCP is a graphical user interface tool, actually