Several Audio File instances overloads Dwarf

Hi everyone. A happy Dwarf owner here. Still learning.

Yesterday I was trying to build a big pedalboard (synth, guitar plugins, etc), in which I’d like to trigger some loops and tracks as I play.

I loaded three instances of “Audio file player” (one with a loop, and two to trigger tracks). Without them I don’t have any issues, but with them the CPU load goes to 95-100, so it starts to make clicks because of the overload.

The size of the audio for the loop is small, while the two files for the tracks are about 15 and 18 Mb (48 KHz, 16 bit).

Does anybody know if there’s a better way to load and trigger those audio files so I can reduce the CPU usage?

Thank you!

Is there a better


that performance is unusual…
converting them to 48kHz wav usually works the best. longer files (in time) use more cpu because it gets more computationally expensive to seek to the right place.

are you using files encoded in some format that is not wav?

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Thank you for your reply. I’m using WAV files. Yes, the two tracks I’m using can be about 1 minute long.

I will upload a screenshot of the pedalboard. I will test it without the rest of the plugins too.

Thank you @falkTX, your plugins are great!