Setup with a BOSS ES-5 - click/pop sounds when enabling/disabling loop

I’m trying to integrate my mod dwarf into my ES-5 based pedalboard. I’ve connected it to loop 3, nothing special. But when I enable the loop, it makes a harsh clicking/popping sound, as if someone powers up a pedal, for example. So, it’s unusable, this way.

I’ve tried:

  • disconnect all other pedals, no change
  • disconnect usb/bluetooth dongle and midi, no change
  • use either my ciosk chocolate for power (doesn’t have 2A power, but seems to work, but makes no difference), or the provided power supply (without the ground connected, as recommended, othwerwise everything is a humming concert, even with the dwarf not in the loop)
  • if I remove the send 3 audio connection ES5>dwarf, the sound remains
  • if I remove the return 3 audio connection, the sound oubviously disappears, but, and that’s strange, only slowly builds up again and gets louder. As if something in the dwarf is “stacking up”.

I’m really a bit lost, I’m not an electronics specialist. I have never had this kind of problem with my ES-5, I had integrated pedals as Empress Echosystem, Strymon Timeline, or other bigger pedals, with no such problems.

Is anyone here working with an ES-5 and a dwarf? Having other experiences, maybe also from users with other loop switchers would be great.


Hey benzkji,

I also have the ES-5 and also face the same problem.
Until now I didn’t care for it so much, since I’m not disabling the Dwarf mid-song.

Before the Dwarf I had my Duo on the pedalboard and I don’t remember having the problem,
but it’s possible that my memory is wrong here.
If I find time I’ll investigate more on the weekend.

PS: Until now I also thought it’s connected to the power supply issue. I’ll see if something turns up.


Hi @benzkji

Very strange behaviour… does it sound like you would inplug a jack (very) quicky ?
Can you record this and share it here ?

Will try to record it. Similar to putting in a jack, but very short.

@Rom here it is: Dropbox - dwarf-pops-es5.mp3 - Simplify your life

Just click away the dropbox login, and you should be able to listen. More like a gun on this phone recording…I played along a little, so you get the relation - it’s very loud. @CharlyRebell is yours similar?


Wow it’s unusable…
Do you have the same pop if :

  • only the input of the Dwarf is connected (to the send n°3) ?
  • only the output of the Dwarf is connected ?
  • you add another pedal between the Dwarf’s output and the boss return ?
  • you add another pedal between the Dwarf’s input and the boss send ?

@benzkji Yes, sounds the same on my side.

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  • only input connected: no pop
  • only output: pop. THOUGH: output AND input LEDs shortly blink green, when the pop occurs. how bizarre
  • I will try some pedals in between. didn’t try this yet
  • WIll also try another loop of the BOSS, not sure if I tried this yet

For me, it looks like a very concrete incompatibility between the two, something that every “normal” stompbox does, but not the Dwarf, combined with the ES-5 whatever speciality? I mean, the Dwarf is a computer ;). And it’s sensible, it seems.

It would be interesting to know if something similar happens, when the Dwarf is in FX loops of other pedals, or in general, when used in FX-loopers (lES-5/8, Mastermind PBC/6X, etc.).