Setting up tap tempo on a KMI Softstep midi controller

Hi All

I recently received my MOD DUO and I love it.
Such a great piece of gear with many options.
The main reason I got it was to process my Chapman Stick in stereo.

I have a question regarding setting up tap tempo.
I have set up a Keith McMillen Softstep midi foot controller to turn FX on and off but I am having an issue with setting up a tap tempo with the controller.
Does any one know how to set up a Tap Tempo switch on a Softstep to set the tempo on the Bollie Delay (or any other Tap tempo effect)?
If so could you let me know your settings on the Advanced settings on the Softstep editor and how you set it up on the Bollie Delay.
Have a great weekend.


So I assigned one of my softstep pedals to the tap tempo but the softstep is set to toggle so it’s either min or max…
I’m not sure how to program the softstep… That is my next step. My preference is to have a button that does the tempo since I like the feel of a switch under my foot over the non-moving softstep pad… I will dig a little into the softstep editor to see if I can figure it out…

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the tap tempo added in v1.2 is for the mod hardware, and not for midi.

(for now) having tap-tempo on midi devices needs to be something the midi device itself does.

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Thanks @falkTX!

Thanks for the information.
I thought I was going insane.
All the best.

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I know this topic is a bit old but if it can help.
I succeeded with a CC#64 (the same as the HX Stomp, but whatever) and selected “Toggle” in the “Data Modifiers” part of the editor in the advanced mode of Softstep. If you want to synchronize Ableton Live at the same time, you will have to add a modline but with “Linear” and another midi channel, Ableton does not understand the “Toggle” for a Tap Tempo, and then this avoids activating Link of the DAW .
In the Bollie Delay edit of the web interface I selected Tap in Tempo Mode and assigned pad CC#64 to MIDI.
Tested and functional in Standalone mod.