Set and automate number of steps in a sequence before it loops

Hi there, hope you are all well!

I’ve tried a lot of things with internal cv and midi loopback on my Duo X, but nothing works so far: say you use one of the 8 steps sequencers, how do you make it loop earlier than the 8th step (after 5, or 7 steps for instance)?
The simple ability to set the number of steps would be awesome, but I thought at least something could be done with CV or midi utilities, with no success so far.
Have you ever tried something like this? Is there some workaround that I don’t see ?


The plugin doesnt support this. There are variants of the plugin with more or less steps though.

I managed to make shorter loops, automating the “panic” button when a certain note is played (with a midi loopback trick), but it does not work if I want to use global transport and bpm.

So I understand that there is no workaround whatsoever to have a custom number of steps, unless a developper makes a plugin that support that kind of fonction. Too bad I only know Pure Data and it is not supported…
Might need to use an external sequencer for that, bummer!
Thanks for you answer anyway.