Serial number verification - Support needed

Hi guys
I’d Kindly wanna ask, how to verify a MOD Devices serial number?
In need of that, unless playing with the idea of getting one of the powerful DuoX’s out there -

thanks for helping

If I’m not wrong, on Dwarf, the serial number is shown in settings. I think that probably on Duo X is the same

found 2 sellers at eBay…
wondering if you could help me sort out, if there’s the most powerful DuoX is amongst them?


It clearly says “Limited Edition”, that means it’s the very very first batch of DuoX that has a quad-core and is without a powerbutton.

That makes it the “weakest” DuoX out in the wild.


thanks, so the first of the two pictures resembles the ‘weaker’ one.

the second has a power-button BTW,
shown here.
so, this is a quad-core one?

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Yeah, the power switch is the marker of the production runs. Thats the one you want if you’re getting an MDX.

I believe production was 6 core, and LE was quad. I may be wrong though. Either way, the power switch model is the most powerful one produced by MOD to date.

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What @Elk_wrath said. Button == production == hexacore.