Selling my MOD Duo X unused

hi, I am selling my unused MOD Duo X. It has the on-off button in the back. I bought it and just don’t seem to find the time to get into it.
It’s sad it’s just in the box here doing nothing - best to find someone who loves it and uses it as it should be used. Feel free to ask questions. I am based in Berlin F’hain.
My asking price is 400 Euros ex shipping. Thank you. Esther


Hai Esther, is it still available? Im about to visit Berlin next month, would be great if we can meet up

Shipping is good for me too if you’re unable to meet


hi, it is, what time will you be in Berlin?
shipping is also good 4 sure. Let me know

Sorry i just read your message. Is there anyway i can contact you personally for better communication? Email or whatsapp would be great

I’m on tour in Europe. Will be perform 2 times in Berlin. Would be nice if we can meet up before the show


i send you PM iso having my email out there for all to see :slight_smile:

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Already sent you an email, please check the spam as well