Selling Dwarf - Question about bought/commercial plugins

Hi everyone,

can anyone tell me what the bought plugins are linked to? Device serial number? Email account?
I am planning to sell my Dwarf and would appreciate some clarity on this.
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

for now they link to the serial number, but we sync licenses of people that more than 1 unit manually when they request.
eventually it will be per person, based on an email account, but we are not there yet.

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Many thanks for the clear and prompt response Filipe!
In this case the current functionality works perfectly well :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work on this awesome ecosystem. I am sure I will revisit at some point in the future


I bought double plugins - I have a Dwarf & a Duo X
can i get a balance,
or use to buy more plugins?

as you “sync licenses of people that more than 1 unit manually when they request”

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Same here, 2 Shiroverb MK2.
Never thought there would be some kind of commercial “discount” for same plugin in multiple devices :sweat_smile:


@Saki_Ciselas and @broupe please DM me the serial numbers of both devices you own and want the licences synced.


Hi João

Thanks for your prompt response!

here’s my email and the two serials, TIA :slight_smile:
best Bjarne


Hello @broupe,

Sorry, I edited your post.
I asked purposely to DM me because it’s not really the best place to leave your serial number (even less your email address!) on the public side of the forum.
Hope you understand.
Please DM them all to me.
If you don’t know how to do that, just click on my username in this or another post and you will get a popup window with the button to message on the top right corner.


Let me add some clarification regarding the plugin licence handling in general. There are three perspectives, which are unfortunately not always fully aligned: the legal side, the technical implementation and how we deal with individual requests. I’m sorry this can lead to confusion.

The plugin distribution agreement which we have with our commercial plugin partners grants licences on a per user basis. It allows one user to run as many instances of a plugin as desired, also on multiple devices used by them.

On our side technically-speaking licenses are per device. Devices are currently ignorant of the user identity. Thus there is no proper way to prevent double purchases from the same user on multiple devices in the plugin store at the moment. We handle all licence transfer requests to secondary devices manually in a pragmatic way. As long as both devices stay with the same user, this is fine and according to the licence model.

However when one of the devices gets sold and would keep the freely granted duplicate licences, the licence agreement with the plugin partner would be infringed. We are aware this may have happened in single cases by accident due to unclear communication and will take responsibility.

Moving forward we are preparing to add a user registration of devices including licence terms consent.
The benefit is that licences purchased on one device would automatically pop up on any other device registered to the same user. In case a device is sold, the former user needs to be unregistered from it. The licences can then be optionally transferred to the new owner or alternatively stay with the former owner.

Until this is implemented, please get in touch with @jon via DM for any licence related request.