Selecting a Pedalboard from Banks view in Web UI?

The web UI’s banks view is a great way to look at pedalboards in an ordered way.

But one thing I couldn’t find so far is how to actually select one of the Boards there to be loaded and used as the current one in the editor.

Am I just not finding it, or does it not exist?

(yes, I know I can remember the names and go to the pedalboards view, but it’s more work for me, there could just be a “load” button…)

That’s not possible…at least yet. The Banks is the view that mirrors what you see in the device. We actually have this mapped out for future WebGUI improvements.


OK thanks, so I need not look further in that place…
I might be looking into the Web UI Code to see if and how such a button can be placed.
I want to get into that anyway.


That would be wonderful :slight_smile: We are aware that the WebGUI needs some updates, if some of that work comes from our community that is full of brilliant developers, I guess it won’t hurt or small team :slight_smile:

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