"Selected" CheckBox Next to (I) above the plugin

I would love to be able to copy multiple plugins (but not all) from one pedalboard to another. To do that, in the slightly grey text above each plugin (which has the Info I,Settings Gear and recycle Bin) have also a checkbox. This can then select the plugin - along with others.

What I’d like as extra functionality with this:

  1. option to create an identical User Preset name for all the selected plugins in their current state
  2. option to say “copy” and then when I open a new board, the option to then “paste”. Even if this does not comprise the wire connections between the selected plugins, just the option of including those plugins in a new board - in the state they were in in the old board - would be amazing

That’d be a very nice feature. Maybe there could be another category called “combination” where the plugins are where you can drag the combinations into the current board.

Right now I do it with the “preset workaround” where I save presets with the same name in each of the plugins use and then recreate wiring. Works but is a little bit time consuming…


Something really similar to this and what @steve is requesting is already in our plans, just not yet in the foreseeable roadmap.


I have missed that also: The possibilty to group a set of plugins into one user-defined “container”, which you then can paste into pedalboards. This would be a very handy feature to build pedalboards more efficiently!


Looking forward for this one!!!