Scrolling trough Pedalboards in Navigation Mode

Hi guys, I’m a Dwarf user.

For my live setup I use a different pedalboard per song and different snapshot per song part (verse/chorus/solo). To change song/pedalboard I switch to navigation mode and I scroll trough te pedalboards.

I found that if I scroll too quickly to select a certain pedalboard the audio signal seems to stop working when I enter the pedalboard I selected.

It seems like the Dwarf don’t have the time to load the pedalboard o something similar.

The best way for now is to use the endless knob to hover to the pedalboard I want and select / load it by pushing the knob.

There’s a way to do something similar with the footswitches (hover+select than load)?
Maybe by holding the footswitch to go down or up and then push to load.


Same here, sometimes it completely freezes if I don’t wait for the loading LEDs to stop blinking before changing to another pedalboard.
For gigs I have my pedalboards in the same order as the setlist (1 song=1 pedalboard).
For rehersals I just use the encoders.
Lots of compromises with such a complex little machine :wink:

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Or short presses to hover/ Scroll, and long press to load, maybe?