Scp problem


does anyone know what it means when an scp command to a Dwarf fails with a “subsystem request failed on channel 0” message?

…i can ssh into the Dwarf no problem - just can’t copy files…

later edit: adding the -O parameter to the scp command yields success.

so, that means one end of the transfer can’t use SFTP and i have to force SCP protocol, right? i’m on a mac. is the mac the problem, or the Dwarf?

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what are you trying to copy over? a file or a folder?

a nested folder structure (a pedalboard). …i’m also using the -r parameter to get all that…

the “-O” is required now, due to changes in the default behaviour from the ssh tool.

updating ssh breaks support for the Duo (some weird security thing they have not bother too much to deal with on some ARMv7 32bit platforms), and this is not a critical thing (yet!) while it still works.
just a minor annoyance for now.

let’s hope they dont outright remove the option.


thanks, @falkTX !

indeed! :wink: :rofl: :pray: