Saving Local Snapshots not working?

I propably missed something but when I save a Snapshot from the Dwarf Device it is gone the next time I start it up again.
Seems strange since it is a basic function. Any Ideas?

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I believe you also have to save the pedalboard after saving the snapshot. Could you try that and see if it works?


That’ll be most likely it; had the same problem when I started with the dwarf. I believe I’ve seen several people struggling with this here (example), so maybe this would be a good candidate for UX improvement.

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I agree, saving snapshots should save the pedalboard or at least notify that can the user should do it


Until the behavior is changed, I find it helpful to think of a snapshot as a child of a pedalboard, and therefore you need to save the parent pedalboard to save the child snapshots. I do agree that this is not exactly intuitive.

Ah reading the other thread I realise that I have to save the Snapshot and than save the Padleboard?
Ok, that is strange and feels akward from UX point of view…

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