Saving local... on PC/USB

is that possible?
I really want to backup some work -
but I rather like not to share all of my work
with the community…


Yes, this is easily possible. Use a USB stick. The saving will be done via the browser UI.

oh wow - wasn’t able to find it over the Wiki
you mean, just by plugging in - automatically?
… maybe you have a link for me to learn the How

Here: MOD Web GUI User Guide - MOD Wiki

You can also share in private, so that you have a link but it is not sent to the feed.


thanks a million for your quick response! :100:

Even more helpful would be, to optionally share a selection of (some) Pedalboards… unless the Backup throws together all in a .tar
I expected to get one file for on Pedalboard each.
Exporting each Pedalboard by hand to the cloud is quite flimsy and time.consuming

if you ssh into the unit, you can access the pedalboards and simply tar them.

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Hi again,
I recently uploaded my Pedalboards by “Share in private”…
but can´t find them :person_shrugging: :exploding_head:

Do I have to look em up on the “Pedalboard Feed”

Hi Kim!
I .tar-ed my MDW (with “Backup User Data”)
Will a “Restore User Data” work, although my “destination unit”
is a MDX?

Thanks for helping

You mean from Dwarf to DuoX? I don’t know. But I think it will not work. May be a MOD guy can answer this…

I dared to - MDX won´t accept the MDW-.tar

So, my updated question:
Hi to best transfer my own Pedalboards from a MDX to MDW?
…can´t locate my “shared Pedalboards” nowhere…

Hang on…

Pedalboards are just json files.
I transfered my Duo boards to my Dwarf without any problem by just moving around a tar file created via ssh.
I don’t really see why it wouldn’t work from a Mod X to a Dwarf.

Hi Azza,

I also need to install “many” plugins… after a Cleanup (being neurotic, as I am) having no Plugins at all…
Still no idea, how to find my Pedalboards shared in the cloud

Hi Azza,
I have both units side aside
The MDW is logged in via http://moddwarf.local/
I tried to open the MDX via http://modduox.local/ …but it only opened another
MDW instance…

I really need help now

When connecting these two devices on the PC, they are both going to try and use The first one will get it, and the other one won’t and won’t be reachable unless you connect it via bluetooth or Wifi (if you have dongles).
So you must proceed in sequence. First connect the unit you want to copy from, log into it, find the pedalboard json files and tar them. Then copy the tar file across to the PC (using scp for instance). Once it’s done, you just need to do the reverse on the target unit.

I don’t remember the location of the pedalboard json files from the top of my head as I’m currently at work.

Okay, thanks!
Maybe you kindly may have time later on…

  1. I do have Bluetooth on my PC
    …maybe “USB Ethernet/ RNDIS gadget” is the unit? It says, can´t be used, as my internet connection is metered (for reasons not to get ballsy Win-Updates)

  2. I could try Wifi maybe later on…

  3. For “First connect the unit you want to copy from, log into it, find the pedalboard json files and tar them. Then copy the tar file across to the PC (using scp for instance). Once it’s done, you just need to do the reverse on the target unit.”
    …I´d need further explanation, sadly… json?

I’ll try to put together a more detailed recipe later. JSON is just a type of text file widely used to store data (as is xml for instance, but JSON is far nicer to read by humans) that is used on MOD devices to store the descriptions of your pedal boards (amongst other things).

Ok. So first I’m going to give the recipe when the PC is a Linux machine.

  1. Connect your mod device you want to get the pedalboards from, to your PC using the USB cable
  2. Open a terminal
  3. type the following command:
ssh root@ tar -zcvf - /root/.pedalboards > PB.tgz

After hitting “enter”, you will need to enter the mod device password which is just “mod”. This will copy all your pedalboards from the MOD device and store them in the PB.tgz file.

Now disconnect the first mod device and connect the second one (the one on which you want to copy the pedalboards using the cable.

type the following command

ssh root@ tar -zxvf - -C / < PB.tgz

Again, you will need to enter the “mod” password.

Restart your mod device and you should be set.

@falkTX would you have a moment to just please confirm that this procedure is ok and won’t break anything when applied to copying from a MDX to a MDW ?

Now if your PC doesn’t run Linux, you will need to use an SSH client for windows, ideally that you can use from the command line as well.

On Mac, it should be identical as the Linux procedure I think.