Saving current (changed) User Profile not possible


Current user profile can’t be saved after changing.
(MOD Dwarf)

How to reproduce

  1. In Device Settings / User Profiles, Load User Profile “A” (left knob).
  2. Change input / output settings etc. as you like.
  3. Go back to Menu User Profiles, turn middle knob “Save profile as” to “A”.
  4. Click on the knob - nothing happens.
    (5. turn middle knob to “B” and click → User profile B is saved / overwritten.)

Expected/suggested solution

It should be possible to save / overwrite the active User Profile.
As long as it doesn’t, I always need one “spare” Profile that can be used for saving, switch to that and then save on the original slot.
(In above example, to change the values of Profile “A” after step 5. you need to
6. load User Profile “B”
7. Save User Profile As “A”
8. Load User Profile “A”).

Additional information

Tested on my Dwarf, all firmware releases so far since I received the device in December 2022.

In my case this is not extremely urgent as I only use two profiles (one for Acoustic guitar + Voice and one for electric guitar + voice), but I’m surprised this hasn’t come up until now (as far as I can see on the forum).
Or am I missing something?
Is it a feature rather than a bug?


I also noticed this and wondered if maybe any changes are automatically saved to the current profile? Haven’t tested that theory yet, though!

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No, it’s not changing them automatically - I checked that already.

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