Saving a cluster

Is there a way to save just a cluster or certain combination of plugins with the settings?

There are some combinations of plugins I absolutely love and use it all the time. I wish I don’t have to pull in each plugin every time, plug them in, and set the controls.

For the melody side of mr NS/Stick I love the sound of the GxEpic going into the Alembic and then into Vintage Cabinets. I like to start with that combination and grow the new pedalboard from there. I just wish I can save just that section and quickly start making my new pedalboard.

There are certain combination of plugins that I want to create and pull up whenever I want without having to re-create the combination every time.

Is this something anyone else would be interested in?


Yeah, having a “sub”-board that could be imported into other boards would be a great feature, and I think it has been requested here in the past. It would be a fantastic feature, as I find myself with the same pattern.

I was thinking about this a few days ago, and I think one technical/UX hurdle would be managing the button/switch assignments for imported sub-boards. For example, if you have a new board with a plugin assigned to Page 1, and foot switch B is assigned as on/off and 3 knobs, importing a sub-board with a plugin assigned to Page 1 switch B and 3 knobs, is there a clean way to resolve this conflict? Maybe sub-boards define switch/button assignment differently? Maybe a board/sub-board being imported loses all assignments and you have to assign upon import?


see the various comments about a plugin block concept here:

…the idea has been mapped for development… :slight_smile:


I figured there must have been a post about this… I searched but couldn’t figure out what key words would have been used…

I don’t make new pedalboards because I don’t want to keep re-creating parts I made… So I keep making a giant pedalboard that keeps growing and growing… and I keep running out of CPU.

Which makes me think… if we create a block will it help to reduce CPU usage?


one option is to save you pedal combination as the default pedalboard.
Or just save your current board as a new one and delete the plugins you don’t need.

What I haven’t figured out is an easy solution to combine two pedalboards or parts of.


the “block” idea will be really powerful, once it’s in place. yeah, i’ve thought about something like what you’re talking about… maintaining a big, comprehensive pedalboard, and maybe forking off different version of subsets of this, using it like a repository. there’s the issue of CPU load, for sure. but, also, the absence of even a rubberband box selection of multiple plugins for deletion or moving makes it difficult.


yeah… even a multi-plugin copy/paste would be super-helpful.