Save preset edits when not attached to GUI?

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perhaps i’ve missed something, but it doesn’t seem possible to save an edited preset, while the MOD is not tethered to the web GUI. is that correct?

here’s my scenario: i have a simple pedalboard with different EQ settings for various instruments that i plug in - they’re set to be switchable by footswitch 1. then, when i get to the performance venue, say i find some of the EQ settings need a bit of tweaking. is there no way to save those tweaks without needing my computer, so they load when switching through the presets?

the “current pedalboard | save state | save as default” menu option doesn’t seem to do anything… but perhaps i’m misunderstanding its function. when i say “yes” to that, the “default” PRESET doesn’t change. or, if i’ve deleted the default preset (as i usually do), one isn’t created. nor does this pedalboard state get saved as the “default” PEDALBOARD. i don’t understand what it’s supposed to do…

thanks a lot for any help! :slight_smile:


I guess the wording there is not the best…

The ‘Current Pedalboard’ actions allow you to save & reset the state of the currently loaded pedalboard.
‘Save’ will save the changes you made to parameters via midi CC or Duo’s actuators to disk, so it becomes part of the pedalboard.

‘Reset’ will revert back any changes you made to these parameters, to the original values of the pedalboard.
For example, the pedalboard has the gain saved as -4dB, but you changed that value to +1 via knob.
Using ‘Reset’, the value goes back to -4.

Hope this makes sense…

ok, thanks for the explanation, @falkTX!

The fact to can’t save preset without GUI is problematic for me too.

I need sometimes to uses presets rather than pedalboards to prevent sound gap while switching, and at repetition, it would be normal to be able to save a preset with little changes on knobs without computer manipulation.

Manipulate computer means first to re-plug usb port (I need it to be unplug to switch pedalboards via program changes), wait for pedalboard reload on GUI, then save preset and de-plug USB.

A simple ‘preset’ or ‘current preset’ menu under ‘current pedalboard’ (with save and reset) should be here to not wasting time with computer.

Maybe it’s yet planned.


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Hi All,

Just getting to know my new Mod Duo X…and loving it. Excellent work on an amazing and complex product!

Regarding pedalboard presets - I too am struggling to save changes I have made to a preset within a pedalboard. I currently have one pedalboard that has three signal chains: guitar, vocals and midi keyboard. I have found presets very useful as I can switch in clean vs dirty amp sounds, organ vs 80s synth generators, etc. In general my main signal chains do not vary that much but the amount of distortion, what effects are enabled, or what “sound” my keyboard is making do vary. Presets is perfect for this and I have 5 or 6 of them on one pedalboard assigned to an actuator to cycle through them.

The problem I encountered on the weekend is what sounds good in my studio actually sounded quite bad through a PA at band practice. So now I have inserted EQs on guitar and vocals that I can fine-tune when I show up to a new space. However, saving changes to these without the web UI is impossible across 6 presets. The best I seem to do is save to one of the two “quick recalls”, but then I need to remember to bring those settings back every time I switch presets with the actuator. And I need to be really careful not to change any of the other parameters.

What is the recommended use case here with the current firmware functionality? Should I not use presets and save these as separate instances of a pedalboard within the same bank? Then, theoretically saving bank state would work?

I was thinking I could use my Pixel 3 with the web-UI but I can’t seem to make it work via USB. My USB-C adapter is supposed to be the equivalent of a USB-OTG adapter (and it works well with a USB oscilloscope I have), but it doesn’t seem to work with the Mod Duo X. I guess Android doesn’t recognize the NDIS aspect of things…



Did you get a reply Mark?

I bought a cheap USB Bluetooth 4.0 dongle from Amazon and have it permanently plugged into the USB port so that for emergencies at gigs I can use my tablet or phone to tweak things via the web UI. It’s painfully slow but workable in a pinch. I presume that Bluetooth 5.0 would make things much more bearable but unfortunately I can’t find any newer than 4.0 for sale anywhere :frowning: The only ones available are advertised as audio-only and therefore presumably not usable for ethernet networking over Bluetooth.

No. No reply on this one.

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But the problem is it does NOT save changes. (On Mod Duo)

Any solution to this??

Ex. If i change the gain, using the Mod Duo’s wheel, it does NOT save the new gain level with “save current board”…

Did anyone get this to work?!

Just to check on this one. Are you talking about the gain parameter on a particular plugin? Or the input or output gain of the Mod Duo hardware?

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Gain FX! [quote=“danmh, post:10, topic:1234, full:true”]

Just to check on this one. Are you talking about the gain parameter on a particular plugin? Or the input or output gain of the Mod Duo hardware?

I’m talking about Gain FX. - not on Mod hardware!

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Hey @Fpc! This problem is mapped and will be fixed with the 1.11 version of the OS.
Meanwhile you can try to change the first snapshot of the pedalboard (first on the list) to have the parameters desired when you turn on the device.