Save master tempo with the Snaposhot (MOD Dwarf)

It seems that the internal BPM is set/saved per pedalboard, but not by snapshot, and all snapshots within a pedalboard share the same master tempo.

It would be great if master tempo were saved within a snapshot, so that every snapshot of a pedalboard could have its own tempo - for tempo-based effects (like delays and midi stuff): it is essential for a live performance, because switching between pedalboards take a few seconds, while switching between snapshots is practically instant.

…or am I missing something, and there is a way to save tempo with a snapshot?


I believe that you are correct, although @jesse may be able to confirm this better.

I saved your request :wink:

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Thanks! Can you please also look at this feature request that kinda goes together with this one, also aiming at perfecting Dwarf for live performance.


Yep, I was just not yet there on my “forum readthrough” :slight_smile:
Now I saw that I just crossed it.


I second this!


I third this! I have one board which I want to use with 140 bpm and 110 bpm but the bpm is not saved with the snapshot.

I was also thinking if this could be got round by using midi to change the tempo. It kind of can, but not in a good way. The host tempo goes from 20-280, but control change values can only be 0-127. This means whenever you try to set a tempo by midi learn, you get horrible fractions in the bpm. Would it be possible to make the range go from 26-280 (after all, who plays at 20bpm?) such that then each increment in cc value would just add 2 bpm - such that a cc value of 47 would give you 120bpm?


I’m not on front of my Dwarf now, but isn’t it possible to do that via the “advanced” settings of the parameter assignment page?
At least when assigning a CV value to a plugin parameter, it’s possible to define the parameter range in these settings.
Or is that different for MIDI - or different for the global BPM setting?

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