Save buffer size with the pedalboard ? Auto resize buffer?


This is a multiple request topic :

  • since some pedalboards which need more computing time, it would be cool to switch the buffer size when we load those. And switch back to 128 with smaller pedalbaords to keep latency low on these
  • could it be possible to change the buffer size without a computer ? In a 3rd TOOL window (after Tuner and Tempo) ?
  • if the CUP hits 150xruns/min (for example) would be nice to switch automatically to a 256 buffer size

A little image to show an example to where to put it :

I’ve added 2 useful MUTE buttons just because there was some room…


I have an alternative to this coming up soon, as a plugin solution. First in beta to gather feedback.
But it will only work when there are big/heavy single chains of audio processing on the pedalboard, does not help for single heavy plugins.


Ok the plugin in question has been pushed to beta, see details in Introducing Portal