Sandman, America 1971

America is the debut studio album by America, released in 1971. It was initially released without “A Horse with No Name”, which was released as a single in late 1971. When “A Horse with No Name” became a worldwide hit in early 1972, the album was re-released with that track.

The album went to No. 1 on the Billboard album chart in the United States and stayed there for five weeks.
Sandman is the second track in that album, “Sandman” (long-rumored to be about the United States Navy VQ-2 air squadron formerly based in Rota, Spain).

This song is dedicated to all our Airmen and Flyers of the US Navy.
For their bravery and commitment to our freedom and democracy!!!

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Hello @ReneAsologuitar,

We are totally fine of you promoting and sharing your music here - that’s exactly the aim of this category.
Yet, for that we at least want to know a bit more about you, your music and your experience with MOD. Besides that, you need to interact also with other users.
Recently I asked you a question on a similar post to this and it seems that I still didn’t receive an answer.
Could you please answer there? Otherwise I will be forced to not allow you to do these type of posts.
I hope you understand.


Really bad P.R. @jon !
There is no information on the category disclaimer saying that the user has to be using MOD Devices to post although users can assume that It is.
Is the forum open to the public or it’s for registered MOD Devices Users only?

I understand that spam must be controlled but have you tried to reach the user privately first?


Hi Jon,
I am a bit intimidated by the type of responses I got from this forum.
As if I do not own a Mod Device, that I am an outcast.
I want to learn about new gear and open to new innovations.
When I first joined in, my first post was to introduce myself, and then I get messages to introduce my self, which is quite confusing.
I also tried interacting a couple of times.
Then, there are massages about what Mod Gear I am using, and that really kind of threw me to the outcast basket, right off the bat.
I thought these were just folks that were quite rude.
I am sorry, if I got quite silent, because I felt threatened by the kind of responses I got.
Thank you for reaching out.
And I am happy and hoping that musicians like me continue to have access to your wonderful site, and getting introduced to Mod Devices does not have to be a forceful experience.
Respectfully truly,

I am also working very hard to submit content that is musically sound, and also fitting for public viewing. Buying a Mod Device could also be in the conversation, but I am not ready to buy at this time, if you can understand.


Guys, this is a MOD DEVICES FORUM. Please do not give @jon a hard time for trying to keep discussion focused on the specific topic this forum was set up for. Unbelievable that you’re pushing back here. Honestly, this forum would be much better off without users with that kind of entitled mindset.


@ReneAsologuitar Thank you for taking time to share your covers with the community and for providing some historical tidbits about the songs. I’m sorry your experience with the community has been less than ideal. In an attempt to help, here’s my view.

I don’t see that any specific forum or community policies have been violated and you’ve made positive contributions. However, following a strict interpretation of this topic’s description some might argue that you aren’t promoting any gigs, rather just sharing recorded content. I think what Jon was trying to articulate was that maybe that can be OK, but there’s a concern if you’re only using the forum to share your content and not interacting with the community. On top of that - and what I think @bleo is trying to articulate - is an expectation that content shared in these forums will have a MOD device involved in some manner.

I’ll recommend to the MOD team that the description / guidelines for this topic are reviewed and updated to be more explicitly in line with MOD and the community’s expectations.


Thanks Brian.
Your feedback is very helpful.
I am grateful for the understanding.
I am hoping that I am not being rude to the forum members and administrators, I am simply stating my experience.
I usually have not been receiving feedback on my posts.
Thanks for this movement.




Hi bleo,
I apologize if I am seemingly giving jon a hard time.
I was just trying to communicate my experience.


Thanks for answering @ReneAsologuitar.
@rogeriocouto and @ReneAsologuitar, I’m sorry if you took my message wrong.
My request was simply because other users and me tried to interact with @ReneAsologuitar and got no answer
More specific in the following threads:

While at the same time more similar posts were being done. So I was making sure that this was not simple spamming and that’s exactly why I didn’t block anything and first I requested some feedback.

I’m sorry if intimidated you and no, you are not an outcast. There are a lot of forum users without any MOD Device and that is totally fine.

I’m sorry, I didn’t feel that you did try to interact before. You shouldn’t feel that way and could answer that you don’t use and explain what interests you in the community. There’s no bad about that and as you understand if you read around this forum, this community is pretty open and friendly.

I really disagree with this. Again, you only need to read a few other threads to understand that is not. There’s space for all opinions, all feedback, and all sorts of people.

Thanks, @unbracketed :slight_smile: It’s exactly that. Sorry guys if I explained myself wrong.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

@ReneAsologuitar and @rogeriocouto, just to summarize, what led me to the call to attention was the fact that @ReneAsologuitar was not interacting with other forum members, plus the posts here were a direct copy paste of the description of the videos on Youtube, what made me wonder if this was simply spam or an active forum member.

Sorry again if you took it the wrong side, it was exactly some sort of interaction with the rest of the community that I was trying to take from @ReneAsologuitar. I’m only a bit sad that the only interaction that we manage to get was a sort of negative one. I hope that this can change in future posts.


Hi Jon,
I am so glad that you are being so understanding, and really displaying a mature and kind act of policing. I can understand your position, and respect your administrator responsibilities. Thank you for your time and effort in getting me in a good spot to start over correctly.


You’re welcome Rene.
Please don’t take it as correctly or incorrectly. This forum is from the community so the community is pretty much up to decide what they want on it or not.
The only thing that I ask you is to try as much as possible to keep your usage of it (the forum) as a win-win situation for you and for whoever reads/watches what you share. Either if it is by saying why you are here, answering questions or even telling us where is your next gig :slight_smile:


You are so appreciated Jon!!!