Sample Synthesis from tc helicon perform-ve into plugin

Recently I figure out that there is a cool function in perform ve.
it is the device from tc-helicon usually use as vocal effect processor.
Except the general other vocal effects(delay,chrous, reverb…etc) there is a two main feature.

  1. Change the pitch of the vocal tune to the midi exactly.
    Compare to ordinary autotune in mod device, it receives the midi note message and change the input sound into that note.
    For example, If I send the C5 to the device, my vocal is tuned to C5.
    It looks similar to the normal autotune, but the autotune only make the note right not the octave number every time.
    What I mean is that If I send C6 and speak low voices that close to C4, then the output sound is C4 not C6.
    If this function is possible to apply on autotune and If it is possible to make multiple note together as harmony, It will be great.

  2. Live sampling
    As we know that if we change the speed of the sound playing, we can make different pitch. For example, if we double to speed of original sound sample, the pitch is octave higher that the original one.
    However the problem is that to make higher note, we have to store the very long sample to make the higher note sound not too short to play.
    In this device, the length of the sample is not changed, but the pitch is changed, that we can make the chord as same length. (Also ADSR function is applied on this device.)

So If this two function is applied on autotune or on new plugin, it willbe very useful!
Thanks MOD Device for always did a lot of effort on development.

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As always…saved for discussion on new features development :wink:

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+1 great idea!