Sample Playing

I have a pedalboard that allows me to play a synth with my footpedals (a mcmillan 12 step) and it works well for the song I use it with (with the bass on channel 1).
For a couple of other songs I want to play individual samples - I don’t want to change them or alter their volume etc, just trigger them. I already have the foot pedals to trigger them from plugged in.
I have one sample working on exampler as a one shot, and that is perfect for what it does, however I would like to be able to have one sample, triggered like that, to be able to be triggered for each note.

I suppose I could probably load 12 examplers with some kind of midi filtering per note, but it would be a lot easier if there is a way to load 12 notes into one device. is there anything like that around? If not, how would I do the filtering


If you are able to load them into an SF2 soundfont you could use this to play them

edit This looks like it would do the trick for SF2 construction.

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Thanks Smanth - I did think of having the SF2 block but the problem with those is that SF2s are more for acting as waveforms for synths, and I would need a way to control firing of those so it plays the whole sample, no more, no less, and doesn’t change the volume / pitch or add effects etc, that is the opposite of what most people who want SF2s to do

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Do you mean this sort of thing? Edit - this is the Drobilla Sampler which plays a sample with each keypress.
Plugins - MOD Audio (

Yes, that is the exampler that I am currently using.
I want something like that that can play a whole load of different samples, one for each note. Or a way to have 12 of those and a switch to route to just them

Okay, I missed that in your original post!

I guess you could use the Midi note range filter 12 times to filter to one note for each exampler. I’ve just tried it with 3 Examplers and a midi keyboard and it works fine. Not heavy on CPU either.

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Yes that is an option - it might look messy but I assume it would work!

I am having the same problem.
Tried it with Audioplayer and snapshots but that causes other problems.
I‘ll try the Exampler option and the SF2 thing

thank you

Sorry to poke my head late in this topic. Mod doesn’t have anything like a sample grid (or rack) in the fashion of Ableton’s Drum Racks. Which is a bummer! I’d love to be able to emulate an Akai MPC type of thing…

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Well, there is a workaround as above, but hopefully someone will make one!