Same Footswitch (or Midi Control) Different States (not latching)

I am wondering if there is any way for a footswitch or momentary midi press to trigger alternate states (where whatever is listening to the press keeps some sort of counter and triggers something different according to the position in the sequence of foot presses). For instance in a sequence of 3

Ordinary State: Audio Flows Through Volume Control Freely
First Press: Triggers Fade of Audio Signal (Reduction of Volume)
Second Press: Triggers total mute of Audio Signal (Total Muting)
Third Press: Back to Ordinary State

Is there any plugin (or any built in feature of the Dwarf footswitches) which would allow something like this?

If your sequence has to modify the state of the same plugin, you can use presets and assign them to a footswitch (“assign all” function). It should work if the plugin doesn’t have factory presets.
There’s another solution that allows you to modify any plugin setting in the pedalboard : snapshots. You can also assign a footswitch to the list of snapshots.

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Hi @steve,

In addition to the solutions proposed by @funkypou, I think you could use @zwabo’s excellent Ztoggle4 - MOD Audio plugin. I use it to switch between 3 alternative signal paths e.g. No Reverb/“Normal” Reverb/Shimmer Reverb but it could be used for any combination of plugins. Note that Ztoggle4 is still in beta so you will have to enable beta plugins in order to be able to install it.

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@funkypou @pslh - these are great suggestions - thanks