Safe mode? (Duo X LE)

i have a pedalboard on my Duo X LE which is causing errors, probably due to some beta plugins. is there a way to boot the unit into a “safe mode” or default state (i.e. without auto-loading the last, faulty, pedalboard), so i can then load another pedalboard via the GUI menus?

…currently, it’s booting to a state with only one of the buttons assigned – that button is as it was on my borked pedalboard, but there are a large number of other assignments not showing up, and even long-press on the left knob doesn’t work to bring up system menus on the device. …that means i can’t even try re-loading the system software!..

eager for any help… i’m just a day away from rehearsals and shows… :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

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yes!! …functional again…

thanks so much, @khz … i didn’t find that thread in my forum searches!