Running Max/MSP Plugins

I see on the main MOD page that one could possibly run Max/MSP patches on the MOD. I also see that the MOD runs LV2 plugins. Is it the case that to run Max/MSP patches on the MOD one would have to convert the MAX/MSP patch to an LV2 somehow? Can anyone point me toward more information on running MAX/MSP patches in MOD.

Hi @vanceg that is correct, you’ll need to convert your patches to LV2. @falkTX is the one who knows better about this but he has taken a few days off. I’ll tell him to send you more info as soon as he comes back.

As far as I recall the process involves exporting your patch as a C++ code and then putting that code under a wrapper that he wrote which will make it look like an LV2 plugin.

it currently is limited to the GEN modules, but the process seems to be quite straight forward.

some plugins from the Plugin Store - from the Shiro and DPF brands - are made from Max/MSP patches.

Thanks you all. It sounds like this is not a difficult process, but also one I’d have to learn a bit about - I am not QUITE that much of a programmer… but this seems learnable.

@vanceg Ideally this should be very easy for users like you, so I guess this will make a good test case to make sure other non-programmers can do it too.

Only GEN modules? Does that mean that the entire patch can only consist of gen modules? No normal dsp objects?

Hi there!

The Max-as-plugins project that is running on the MOD lives here:

As the README says, that work is based on the official gen~ module export by Cycling74 devs, see

The original project is made with Juce, and only works in Windows and MacOS.
We don’t have Juce based plugins working on MOD right now (and it will require some patching to get rid of X11) so I made an experiment to see if it was possible to use DPF the same way it uses Juce.
(DPF is my own very little plugin framework, see

At the time I did the experiment Nino was working with me, who knows and uses Max.
We did some experimental plugins first, then Nino made proper good quality ones that we are now using on the MOD.

This is basically how the project came to be.

I have to inform you that I’m not a Max user myself.
I know that Max gen~ objects have an export code option. I simply put the pieces together to make it work as LV2 plugin.
If you’re interested on making plugins using this method let me know, I can help you it set it up.

Having this in an automated way might be possible once we have the Developer Console online.