I always feel the WiFi and Bluetooth is wasted on the Dwarf.

How about the following


Bluetooth MIDI

Bluetooth Joystick - xbox one controller or similar

TouchOSC server so he could connect the tablets via WiFi and with midi feedback to update

Should be easy enough to do ; )

The potential to push even more boundaries and bring more creation to the MOD devices .

Maybe some if this is already available and I’ve missed it. Hope so !

Anyway thought I’d bore people for 5 mins but would love to hear people opinions either way


In my experience, adding a radio to a device requires FCC approval (testing) in the US. There’s probably a similar process in the EU and elsewhere, but I’m not familiar with them. That adds a lot of time and effort to getting a product out to the marketplace. Since the MOD devices run linux, all the linux-compatible external devices (USB) should work. It’s definitely a trade-off. I haven’t tried in earnest to get a WiFi or Bluetooth device running on my Dwarf, but I certainly see the value in doing so.


Yes! I use this a lot in my studio and hackerspace!

It’s a lot of fun, but for MOD this may need some work on external MTC and a better UI to manage MIDI i/o I think.


Yes I agree but feel it’s an important ‘upgrade’.

I remember I bought my Dwarf originally for the MIDI USB host ability but when I noticed it did WIFI and Bluetooth via adapters I thought it was going to really push the boundaries in my setup.

So must admit I did feel a little deflated when I found it was only for the UI.

I have enough tube screamers and delays to sink a battleship, so it’s the ability to connect via BT and WIFI to all my other little bits and pieces that’s high on my wish list.

And agree that a better MIDI Ui Is required along with some better sequencers etc but that’s my next post ; )


It’s likely not even that much work, but primarily the UX of running the extra service daemon and doing avahi/bonjour discovery that needs a bit of extra UI bits.


I would agree but gave no idea on programming. Did notice RTP now works on Linux system with MIDID or something similar. At least that would be a start. Might get in touch with Hexlet regarding the TouchOSC server and see what they say.

Just need FalkTX to sort the Bluetooth out too even if it’s just for joysticks


Ah, it seems I misunderstood your comment about WiFi and Bluetooth. Sorry for the confusion :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think you misunderstood due to my shocking typing whilst on my phone at work . It doesn’t help that I have a northern accent and sometimes type that way too! ; )

So just to clarify

I want to be able to run a touchosc tablet direct to the dwarf without a pc or even a USB connector

I have some sequencers on an old laptop that I send midi out via WiFi using RTPMidi that I would love to send to the Dwarf.

I would love to be able to connect a joystick to the Dwarf via Bluetooth instead of USB so I can attach a micro joypad to my guitar or keyboard. Without a dangling USB cable .

Hope that helps


I would love at least some of those features @Austin73. Especially the Bluetooth MIDI. We wouldn’t need any certification if we use a dongle on the USB port A.
Because I would like it so much, I did some small research in the past to find that implemented for linux so we could port it. I passed a few links at the time to @falkTX, but nothing was doable for the MOD (yet).
It is certainly in the plans, yet, not top priority or either in the roadmap. Yet, if you find something that shortcuts our work, it may make it to the platform way faster.


I know what you mean Jon. I wish I was a coding boffin sometimes.

I have reached out to a couple of people to see what they think so you never know.

Will keep everyone posted but might be a big ask.

Next Mod Device better have them all on though ; )