RNDIS driver for windows 10

I can`t :

“Make Windows look for drivers, and when given the option select “Browse your PC”, then choose ‘Pick from a list’ and then select ‘Network Adapters’ -> ‘Microsoft Corp’ -> ‘Remote NDIS Compatible device’”

Text form Wikipedia.

Cause there is no ‘Remote NDIS Compatible device’" on microsoft corporation like in windows 7, I tried to install other Remote NDIS Adapters, but isnt work… Any suggestion?

There is definitely a “Microsoft Corp.” RNDIS driver in there as I’ve seen it myself (unless your version of Windows doesn’t have it, but that sounds strange…)

Are you able to get to the point where you select the driver?
Can you do a screenshot for us when that happens please?

I made this in Windows 7 in the same PC. But now i cant find…

I see…

What about the “Microsoft” one, not “Microsoft Corporation”.
Does that have an RNDIS option?

btw, do you know what exact version of Windows 10 do you have?

In my computer propreties says : Windows 10 pro 2015.

in microsoft I tried:

Adaptador RNDIS6
Dispositico compativel com NDIS remoto

and I cant install cause windows found a error:

hi there, sorry for the delay.
please try this download: https://modclouddownloadprod.blob.core.windows.net/shared/mod-duo-rndis.zip

extract the zip contents to a new folder and make windows look for drivers on that specific folder.

I’m trying, but not sure about item to select :confused:

I started a small easy guide for this.
See Troubleshooting Windows Connection - MOD Wiki

I didn’t cover the extraction of the zip contents as screenshot, hopefully it’s not hard to do…
(Windows explorer has the extract option on the big top toolbar after opening a zip file)

All computers we tested here that worked are 64bit, so I’m guessing it’s an issue for 32bit versions…
No real idea to be honest…

Anyway, let me know if this works for you.

Hi, dont work, but I think that problem is the installation of my windows… I cant update aany driver…

Olá, vou escrever em port… consegui resolver o problema, No Windows 10 64 (pelo menos no meu) não conseguia instalar nenhum driver sem desabilitar a assinatura de driver do windows, o q no meu caso deu um pouco de trabalho desabilitar, algumas telas azuis e tal… então instalei o driver do link acima e tudo certo… espero ter ajudado

yeah, although that works it’s not something to recommend to others…
and afaik that change is lost the next time you reboot.

They are aware of the problems of RNDIS USB network adapters in Windows 10. They are hoping to resolve the problem, Microsoft said. I’ll update you once I have an answer to the issue. Go2top.


Isn’t the post by @mattsmith just some more spam ? @gianfranco

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The RNDIS driver is not working on my Asus laptop. What should I do to resolve this issue? I also try on asus support for the help purpose but did not get any response.

Hi @Azza

I think so. already removed :wink:

I can make Windows to auto-install RNDIS driver once device is connected to Windows host. Not sure if MOD is interested.

Really? I can make Windows to automatically auto-install RNDIS driver once device is connected to Windows host. Not sure if MOD wants this feature.