Rkr Reverbtron (Beta), custom IR's?

Hi there.
From what i have read from Rakarrack the rkr Reverbtron should be able to import custom IR¨s.

They do need to be converted into a .rvb/rbv format. So far the only way i found to do that, was using their software, which is in linux - so i’m kind of stuck.

When i tried the pedal i couldn´t find a way to load custom IR’s into it from the Mod site. Is this something that has to be done elsewhere aswell?

What would be nice was if the converter tool was included in the mod framework, or as a WIN/OSX program, and if it was then possible to import you´r own IR¨s into it.

Hope someone with more experience can shed some light on this.

You could use a virtual machine with some Linux like Ubuntu which has Rakarrack in the repositories. Or you could try the Linux subsystem for Windows 10 to run Rakarrack.


Wahaha I can’t help feeling some gloating when there’s a case where people asking for help because stuff is only for Linux. Most of the time it’s the opposite. Sorry could not resist… I know that’s mean and nothing against you. Anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s even possible to simply compile the rakverb2.c for Windows, it’s a standalone tool and doesn’t use any crazy dependencies

Nice to see some interest in reverbtron! To load your own IRs (unless that’s changed recently) you’ll have to convert them to the .rvb format and then copy them to the MOD using ssh, and then I believe you’ll need to manually create a preset that loads the file using the path you copy the .rvb to, as modUI doesn’t have file selector support. All that said however, I’ve unfortunately never had time to test it on the MOD and only a little on desktop, so I’m not sure it’s worth your effort. If you really would like to pursue it I’d be happy to offer what support I can though and it would be awesome to get any kinks worked out.

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Really good to see this many responses :slight_smile:
So…anyone out there want to make a simple .wav to .rvb converter, which works on a windows/mac machine :wink:
It would be great to get more IR stuff going like amp/cab sims aswell.
As mentioned earlier, this is the best time to be a Linux person, since you might be the only one holding the key to get stuff to work while the rest of us just gotta wait for someone to make it accessible for us :smiley:

If you wait just a bit more, IR loading will be officially support with v1.10 and a few plugins.
We are working on that right now :sunglasses:


Will there be file selector support for plugins? I have several plugins (reMID, reverbtron, echotron) that upload files.

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Yes. It is already working on the settings page, still need to create rules and code for the modgui.
Here’s a WIP screenshot


Hi @falkTX, which version of zeroconvo are you building for this release? Thanks

Something that does not exist yet.
I am in talks with Robin Gareus for his next one, where he will join the code from zeroconvo and convo.lv2 together.
But that is just one of the options.

Wow! Glad to hear you are working together. I’ve submitted to Robin the feedback of some tests I did some time ago with zeroconvo on Aida DSP OS. If you need help to test the new release let me know :wink:

Hi @falkTX are there any luck with getting to work convo.LV2? I complied it with mod-plugin-builder and
created a custom preset with my own IR. It shows in the user preset list, however doesn’t produce any sound. I might did something wrong, would you be able to share how you got it to work?

convo.lv2 has changed and it is now combined with zeroconvo.lv2.
Robin aka @x42 recommends to use the LSP plugin instead, which is very likely what we will end up pursuing in regards to IR file support.
There is a plugin already in beta, just look for “LSP”. And yes it works already, just no modgui. And might need some optimizations and fine-tuning.

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I do not! I do recommend to use x42 Zero Config|Latency Convolver
but yes convo.lv2 is deprecated and has been superseded by Zero Convolver.

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Well you told me on IRC that LSP would likely be more performant, I took it as a recommendation.
Apologies then.

Sadly the license situation with IR files is just terrible all around.
For distribution on a commercial product (without attribution) I didn’t find a single suitable one :frowning:
There are a couple CC0 licensed sample libraries, but not IR files that I know of (so far).
So shipping the variant with built-in presets is problematic.