RIP Lanny Gordin

Lanny Gordin passed away today :frowning:

For those interested in Brazillian music, Lanny was THE guitarist of the Tropicalia musical movement that happened in the late 60’s and early 70’s and that yielded some of Brazil’s finest music, alongsine Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Rita Lee and even Hermeto Pascoal.

Lanny appears in most of the fundamental Tropicalia albums, with his style and musicianship being an important part of what makes such albums so good. Lanny was not only very skilled, but could also incorporate in his playing many of the country’s regional music styles, providing a blend of Blues/Rock and Brazillian rhyhtms that became the essence of the Tropicalismo.

Although talented and with a metheoric early career, Lanny was soon diagnosed with eschizophrenia and moved somehow out of the spotlight still in the 70’s. In the 90’s he was “found” in São Paulo and made a sort of a come back, recording new albums in partnerships with other musicians, and making constant appearances in many live music venues.

The list of great songs he plays and that I like is very vast, but I leave you here with two of my favorites in case someone is interested in knowing his work. His playing inspired me a lot and maybe it can also inspire some other musicians here :slight_smile:

O Canto da Ema, from the Expresso 2222 album by Gilberto Gil (1972)

Dê Um Rolê, from the Fa-Tal album by Gal Costa (1971)


Great Brazilian groove !

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It’s always sad to lose a legend. I’m learning about about Lanny, Gil Costa, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil. I’ve just started to dive into the music (“so much music, so little time”), and like any genre there’s so much to learn. I keep posting in other modaudio groups that I’d like to contribute to this or that area of development, but I keep getting caught up in the music.

Thanks Gian, for introducing us to another genre.

Play on Lanny!

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I must make a confession. I purchased (and I can’t emphasized PURCHASED strongly enough - these folks do this for a living) a copy of Roda Baina because of the album cover (at least the US version). It did divert my attention from music though.

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Music from Brazil… a whole mind boggling, spacetime warping galaxy.

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