[Resolved] HELP! Mod Duo Audio cuts

Hey everyone!

Today my Mod Duo is acting strange I cant really figure out what’s happening. It cuts the output now and then. It is still on so its not a power issue, there is no strain on the CPU (around 30%) or RAM (not even passing 17%) so it can’t be that either.

I’ve plugged my pedalboard into my soundcard and attempted to do some recording in Logic. I first thought it was a issue with Logic, but then I noticed that the output LED on the Duo goes black and the audio is gone. 7 seconds later it lits up again and the audio is back. 15 seconds later it goes black again, then back on and so it goes on and on. It’s not timebased, as the distance between the blackouts can be everything from 15-40 seconds. The audio blackouts are though always around 7 seconds.

The input LED is on all the time as I’m playing and shows that signal is coming through, and while plugged in the ://modduo.local I can see the CPU- and RAM-meters moving, so its not a lag issue either.

Has this happened to anyone else? What should I do to solve this? HELP

Does this happen with all pedalboards?

Naive answer from me would say this is a demo plugin used in the pedalboard, which cuts the sound every now and then.

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Haha oh my, naive you were correct! :see_no_evil: I tried to rebuild the pedalboard and switched out the demo plugin and played on for a while, and the blackouts were gone. Went back to the other one and the blackout happened once again.

I feel dumb, but I am glad it was that easy to fix! :sweat_smile: Thanks!