[Resolved] DuoX HMI crash when not connected to computer


I have one specific pedalboard that, when it gets loaded (on boot or when switching), when my DuoX is not connected to a computer will crash the HMI.

How to reproduce

  1. Load this pedalboard: crashtest_HMI_freeze_usb_connect - MOD Audio
  2. Boot unit, or switch to this pedalboard, without the unit connected to a computer
  3. Twist a knob or push a button on the HMI → crash
  4. Repeat while connected to a computer (tried Windows, MacOS, Linux) → works

Expected/suggested solution

HMI shouldn’t crash.

Additional information

  • release:
    (had before and tried downgrading with no luck)

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Linux, Mac or Windows
  • System version: doesn’t matter

It would be great if someone can reproduce the issue. This bug doesn’t make much sense to me, there is (afaik) nothing in the pedalboard that depends on the usb connection at all.

I actually had a live-gig last weekend and only found out about this last minute (in the studio it’s always connected to my machine).
Ended up postponing the gig till the day after, and then just had a laptop next to it where it was connected to (also ended up recording the set there, so not a total bummer :wink: ).

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I see that you are using the PocketVerbs plugin that is in beta. If you remove it does the same still happen?

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Yes, if I remove PocketVerbs it still crashes the HMI when not connected on USB, so that’s not it.

Can anyone confirm this behavior on their unit please?

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I tested and I can confirm it.
While booting I can’t even listen to the hardware bypass relays.
@falkTX maybe this is especially important to check since I tried it with the 1.12 RC 1, so the issue comes from before and it was not fixed.

If I boot the device connected via USB to the computer it works just fine.


This has been fixed in: Release 1.13.2 - #3 by falkTX

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