Requests: reverse switch, UI grouping, faster connection deletion

hi folks!

as i’m developing my first pedalboards, i’ve run into a few things which would be really useful:

  1. a “reverse switch” – like the switch plugin that already exists, but with 2 inputs and 1 output, so you can switch between a couple of different source signals for the destination plugin.

  2. make groups of plugins in the UI, or at least rubberband-select multiple plugins, so you can move a “block” of plugins at once.

  3. quicker cable disconnection… click on a cable (ctrl-click and/or rubberband for multiple cables) and they change colour or blink to show they’re selected, then you can disconnect the selected ones by hitting “delete” on your keyboard. (i guess the same idea could be applied for deletion of multiple plugins at once too!)

…any of this resonate with you folks? other thoughts about these ideas?.. :slight_smile:


Great suggestions!